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89 on Audit. Thanks Jeff for your awesome website and notes.
I used those notes I bought from you for two days and made a 75 on BEC. I would say that was the best $47 investment I’ve ever made. Appreciate it.


These Study Guides are a 100% Risk-Free Purchase and come with a Refund Guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

  1. These Study Guides will HELP you accomplish your goal of passing the CPA Exam! They are straight to the point and give you exactly what you need to know to PASS. I don’t waste your time with unnecessary theory or filler.

  3. Your study time is priceless. It would take you over a WEEK just to type one of these out.

  5. What if reading a NINJA Study Guide one last time before your exam is the difference between a 74 and a 75? At a fraction of the cost of a new Notice to Schedule, you can’t afford to not read this at least once. This resources did not exist when I scored a back to back 74 on REG. I wish wish wish that I had them back when I was preparing. I applied this methodology and followed up my 74 on REG with a 92.

  7. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it! Just send me an e-mail and I’ll gladly refund your Study Guide purchase no hassle, no drama, and no questions asked. Plus, you get to keep the Study Guide for free (the Wiley book and Software Access Pin aren’t included in the guarantee – they can’t be returned, unfortunately).I’m here to help you pass the CPA Exam, not sell you junk you regret buying.

  9. It works on an iPad – study wherever you go!.

Alright – so I just got my audit score (an 80) so now I can say this with confidence, get Jeff’s notes. Best idea I had for audit…his notes are kind of lengthy but are right to the point which I love!!


2015 NINJA Notes – FAR

4730 people have purchased this item.

2015 Demo: Governmental Accounting

112 Page Action-Packed PDF

"I used the Ninja notes as a review near the end of my study period. It definitely helped keep the information fresh, especially for IFRS." - Brett

"I took FAR twice with a 68 the first time and 73 the second time. I purchased your NINJA notes, and took it a third time. I got my score today; 77!! I really think the notes gave me the extra bit of information I needed to pass." - Virginia

"When I had a problem understanding something in Becker, I would reference the Ninja notes. I only used them for FAR the second time I took it and my only regret is that I did not purchase them for the other sections when I started my CPA journey!" - Mrs. 300

"On a whim, I bought the Ninja Notes for FAR. I was super relieved to learn that Jeff suggests a different approach to studying for the exams..... All I can say is thank you Jeff, and thank God I decided to buy the Ninja Notes in the BEGINNING of my studying, rather than near the end." - DeepBreath

Price: $67.00


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2015 NINJA Notes – REG

4186 people have purchased this item.

2015 Demo: Individual Taxation

142 Page Action-Packed PDF

"Your REG Ninjas really worked wonders in helping me score an 82." - Vidya

"I am retaking Reg and the Ninja Notes are really helping. I carry the hard copy or my iPad version with me everywhere! LOVE THEM!" - akb9874

"I increased my REG score from a 72 to an 86 adding Ninja Notes/Audio/Flashcards...Thank you Jeff!!!" - Trisha

"I used them for BEC (88) and AUD (78) and passed both. When I took REG again, I used them much more and got an 82." - Andrew V.

Price: $67.00


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2015 NINJA Notes – BEC

3361 people have purchased this item.

2015 Demo: Economics

90 Page Action-Packed PDF

"I just wanted to update you with my score, I passed BEC with an 84!!! I am sure that those Ninja notes helped a lot!!!" - Jessica W.

"I bought the Ninja notes for all sections. I did this because I found Jeff's notes extremely helpful in summarizing and outlining almost everything included in my other study materials. The notes are very organized. " - Kandis Joy (70 to 82 on BEC)

"I used them for BEC & passed! I really think they helped to review right before the test - I saw several questions that the notes helped me on." - Melissa S.

"I glanced through the BEC Ninja Notes last night and they are GREAT." - kmwgrace

Price: $67.00


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2015 NINJA Notes – AUD

4096 people have purchased this item.

2015 Demo: Engagement Planning

87 Page Action-Packed PDF

"You've been a great help by the way, you, your products, and your whole site! I found out I got a 96 on Audit last night, I'm in shock (still). 3 down and 1 to go!!!!" - Kristin S.

"I just bought FAR because the notes helped me so much with AUD. Great product!!" - LittleMoe

"Just wanted to let you know I ended up passing audit this time with a 87! Your notes were a huge help in raising my score. I followed your instructions of reading them over and over again and leaving myself a week to rewrite them. I'm deploying this same method as I study for FAR." - Kris K.

"I bought the NINJA Notes for AUD and, after using them once, I'll be sure to get the NINA Notes for the next two tests. NINJA NOTES ROCK!" - mdrobbin

Price: $67.00


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2015 NINJA Notes – Complete

2783 people have purchased this item.

Works with any Course

Used by 21,000+ to Pass

Free Updates until you Pass

Included with Ten Point Combo

"I used your NINJA Notes for all 4 parts of the CPA exam. I was able to pass all of them on the first try, and overall, they were very helpful. I just wanted to thank you for all of the help." - Austin

"The backbone of my study experience was based on NINJA material, Notes and Audio. And I swear by it at this point." - Roxwella

Concise and to the Point

Desktop / Mobile / Print

Instant Download

Complete Set Saves $272

"Yes!! Every time I've rewrote the NINJA Notes I passed!!" - JoMarie

"I used your notes for FAR and they were TREMENDOUS! I scored a 52 on first attempt; with the help of your NINJA Notes...I scored an 81 on my second attempt!." - Adriana B.

Old Price: $469.00

Price: $197.00

You save: $272.00


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