Free CPA Review Materials & Study Planner

March 31, 2014 Featured, NINJA CPA Review

Your Free Download of NINJA-Awesomeness Includes: FAR – Financial Reporting (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) AUD – Engagement Planning (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) REG – Individual Taxation (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) BEC – Economics (NINJA Notes, Audio, & Flashcard App) NINJA Study Planner (FAR, REG, AUD, BEC) ELL™ Study PLAN […]

NINJA BLITZ: Free CPA Review Videos (77 min)

March 17, 2014 Featured

Don’t just cram … BLITZ. NINJA BLITZ is included with the Ten Point Combo and is also sold as a standalone product. BEC BLITZ: Financial Management I-IV FAR BLITZ: Governmental Accounting I-V AUD BLITZ: Engagement Planning I-IV REG BLITZ: Corporate Taxation IV-VII BLITZ Testimonials Thank you so much for the free videos!! I remembered more […]

Download: The CPA Exam Survival Guide

The CPA Exam is a monster. Breaking News, right? In the five years that I’ve been running another71, I have literally helped tens of thousands of people pass – or survive the CPA Exam through email, phone calls, and the CPA Exam Forum. Testing window after testing window. Year after year. The people change, but […]

How to Study for the CPA Exam During Busy Season

February 09, 2014 Featured

Jeff worked two tax seasons before he escaped through the emergency exit door and then got lost and couldn’t find the building again. It starts out so quiet, so innocent. It’s Monday January 6th and you settle into your chair. Tax season eh? Maybe this year won’t be so bad after all. But you’re wrong. […]

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