It’s Tough. It’s Worth it. It’s Good.

February 08, 2014 Featured

I blasted this out to my email list late Saturday night when I was still working. So many people responded to it via email and on the Another71 Forum that I turned it into a blog post and I hope it helps motivate you as well – whatever obstacle you’re currently facing. – Jeff Friends, […]

Rate your CPA Review Course

February 07, 2014 Featured

Want to Rate your CPA Review Course and give feedback? What course did you use? What did you like/dislike about it? Answer these 7 quick questions.

CPA Exam Failure: How to Recover and Retake

February 07, 2014 Featured

This is from the CPA Exam Survival Guide, which is a free download to all Another71 readers. I know that right now is a miserable time and it is easy to start believing thoughts that simply are not true. Thoughts like youʼre not smart enough to pass, accounting isnʼt for you, the AICPA hates you […]

A Working Mother’s Guide to Surviving the CPA Exam: Part 1

January 19, 2014 Featured

Working mothers are in a category all their own when it comes to passing the CPA exam. We not only strive to balance work and family, but when you throw the CPA exam in the mix, you’re going down a road only few can fathom. We are the rock of the family. We provide financial […]

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