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  Don’t just cram … BLITZ. NINJA BLITZ is included with the Ten Point Combo Download the Ten Point Combo Demos instantly here.   NINJA BLITZ Demos: BEC BLITZ: Financial Management I-IV FAR BLITZ: Governmental Accounting I-V AUD BLITZ: Engagement Planning I-IV REG BLITZ: Individual Taxation III-VI   BLITZ Testimonials “I remembered more today from the 5 minute FAR video I watched last night than all the notes I took yesterday during my study session.” – Elizabeth G “I briefly watched a few Blitz videos (which were extremely helpful) and found it more interesting/easier to understand than the (expensive course) videos.” – Jessica H “Helps make all the major points sink in quickly – very very helpful.” – Vicky Hi Jeff, these videos are great! Your timing is perfect, I am taking FAR tonight. Thanks so much.” – Considine “Ninja Blitz is outstanding, congrats on a job well done! Your

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Friends and Family sometimes don’t know the right thing to say when trying to support CPA Candidates, so instead, they say the wrong thing. Another71 Forum members share some of the best worst things people have said to them about the CPA Exam:   MomofFive-NY: We were invited to a neighbor’s pool party in August. I was studying intensely for FAR, so I sent an email that said my family would be able to come, but I needed to study for my upcoming exam. My neighbor had apparently overheard me saying that I had been studying for months, so she replied with “If you don’t know this **** by now, you are never going to know it”. kmcauliffe: After explaining to my mother in law that the pass rate is like 40%, she says, “Why don’t they just let everyone pass?” jaks: One of my best friends (who was a

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