Camp Time + Moving Through AUD

July 17, 2012 NINJA CPA Review

Ashley is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the summer as well as getting a lot of studying done. I am already on module 5 for Auditing. I plan to finish that and get at least halfway through module 6 today.

I’ve also been at a girl’s conservation camp as one of the volunteer bus drivers since Saturday. I am here until next Saturday. I am excited because I get to do the activities the girls do like archery, survival, etc… I do try to get in a good amount of studying done too!

I’ve been scoring well on the Wiley MCQs when I finish a module. I have been getting 75% and higher. I want to finish module 8 by Thursday. Then it’s just review, review, review!!

I did decide to change my exam date because I am getting it done so much faster than I expected and I am getting good scores.

When I get back on Saturday, I plan to spend ALL my free time doing MCQs and reviewing the notes until Wednesday. My exam is now scheduled for Wednesday the 25th at 4pm.

I have to start moving the next day so it’s kind of tight, but I didn’t want to spend a week moving and not studying. I really am excited to get my first passed section, so I staying very motivated and focused.

I will also have a whole month open in the testing window so I plan to take another exam. No work or school, just studying until September. I think I will take BEC or REG depending on a few things going on with my job hunt. I will update after I get back from camp!

Keep on studying everyone! We are about 1/4 through the window! It’s going to go by very fast!

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One Response to "Camp Time + Moving Through AUD"

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Ashley,

    My recommendation on which exam to take in August…BEC unless you are comfortable with taxation and business law topics already.

    Wishing you the best!!!