Tackling FAR with NINJA Notes & Audio

May 18, 2012 NINJA CPA Review

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I’m back at it and still studying. I hope those of you that have already tested this window have received the good news you’ve been waiting on!

Studying has been going well. I have moved on to chapter 4 which is fixed assets and working capital.

I’ve listened to and will continue listening to the NINJA Audio for this section.

Also, I’ll continue taking notes and reading my NINJA Notes for this section as well.

It took me longer than expected to get through marketable securities and business combinations, but that extra time reflected in my Wiley MCQs scores.

I did approximately 200 MCQs questions and scored between 80-85%. I plan on working at least 25 or more MCQs a day so I can get a better understanding of how well I’m retaining the information.

Happy studying!

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