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2014 NINJA Audio – Complete Set

870 people have purchased this item.

Works with any Review Course

Designed for Repeat Listening

Used by Thousands to Pass

Free Updates until you Pass

2015 Updates: Mid-December

Included with Ten Point Combo

The information is short and concise and that’s what I need. I’m a full time mom of 3, wife, and gasoline & fuel accountant and I need to study smart.” -Keimesha

I used the AUD Audio and loved it!!!! (Note my score!!…94) ” -marks

The audio was great because of the fact that you can listen in the car, when you jog, pretty much whenever!” -thefirst71

Instant Download


Commute? Gym? Work? Study.

Complete Set Saves $91

The AUD lectures are amazingly helpful. I read the notes, listen to the audio, then rewrite the notes. It is nice because I can study while doing other things when I normally couldn’t… Driving, work, the gym, etc.” – Trisha

Well, I have listed to the FAR Audio all he way through now and the verdict is I love it! I will be definitely getting the next sections once I need them. ” – Pacific1

Proof positive today in my email. 90 on REG. Will definitely do the audio in the future. Thanks for the help! ” – Roxwella

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Price: $297.00

You save: $91.00


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2014 NINJA Audio – REG

1965 people have purchased this item.

Demo: Individual Taxation (link)

Covers Taxation in < 2.5 hours

Covers Business Law < 2 hours

“I’ve already listened to the first chapter on my way to a client. One word for this: AWESOME!!! – Kricket

“I used Becker and Audio for all the sections I’ve taken and have felt very prepared for every one. I strongly recommend the ninja audio.”

- Ryan P (FAR 95/REG 87/AUD 94/BEC 85)

“I listen to it on my way to and from work. I think it really helps fortify the regular material. I especially value the little tricks you have to remember certain parts. (20/20 vision / 35% etc.) I still have a lot of material to cover and this will only help.” – Mike B.

I really like it! I listen to it in the car on my commute to work!” – Maureen J.

Price: $97.00


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2014 NINJA Audio – AUD

1792 people have purchased this item.

Demo: Audit Reports (link)

Covers AUD in < 2.5 hours

By the way, I love the ninja audio. I purchased the audit audio last week, loaded it to my phone so I can listen to mp3 and then imported into my itunes so I could burn to cd’s to listen to in the car.” – Beth H.

The high score I got (96) on my last test and I believe is due to using Jeff’s Ninja Audio for Audit. I heard it on my way to and from work. Towards the end, I almost had them memorized.” - Yolyc88

The Audit Ninja Audio is awesome! I have an hour commute both ways. I have been able to listen to the first half on my way to work and the rest on my way home. It is a very easy way to get 2.5 hours of info in a day. They are also great when cooking dinner or cleaning around the house.alh87

The audio is AWESOME!! You should really look into making a review course, I think it would be excellent and a lot of people would purchase it! I listened to half of the audio in the morning and half in the afternoon at work yesterday and I will be listening to it everyday until my exam.”Evan V.

“I passed Auditing with a 95! … I listened to Jeff’s Ninja Audio several times until I could speak along WITH Jeff. I listened to the Ninja Audio during my commute to work.” -beechcrest

Price: $97.00


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2014 NINJA Audio – BEC

1373 people have purchased this item.

Demo: Economics (link)

Covers BEC in < 2.5 hours

“Love the SAL, SAM, & OAT (Standard Costing) I could Never remember that for the life of me! You are a life saver!” – Angie G.

NINJA AUDIO IS A MUST if you want to pass the CPA Exam.” – Revenue

“I just received my highest score yet! An 82 on BEC! The only thing I did differently from my previous three tests was add Ninja audio! I loved the Ninja audio! It really helped me to remember the concepts in each section, and I was able to remember specific topics on the exam I would have forgotten otherwise. Definitely worth it to buy the audio! – UCFCPA

“I had my BEC exam yesterday and even listening to the NINJA Audio 3 times through, I felt as though I retained so much more than without it. I look forward to using the audio for my remaining sections. Even my husband didn’t mind listening to you in the car and has no clue what you are talking about.” – rmm91909

I have found the NINJA audio to be a huge help in squeezing in extra study time. I was at my son’s baseball practice last night and I listened to the audio for almost an hour that would have normally been “down” time.” – tgkevine

Price: $97.00


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2014 NINJA Audio – FAR

2308 people have purchased this item.

Demo: Financial Reporting (link)

Covers FAR in < 3 hours

The audio tips and examples he gives to focus on are direct and easy to understand. It makes me think ok I know this, I can pass this thing!” – Mom2two

I have the FAR NINJA audio and by listening to the audio over and over I was able to answer five MCQs on my FAR exam last Monday.” – candothis

The Ninja Audio for Far easily helped me score 10 extra points. Its cheap, effective and worth every penny if used correctly. Every minute in car I used it.” – Givemesleep

Money well spent…I burned the MP3 to a CD disc and listen to it in my car. I can finish Jeff’s sentences for the first four chapters. I mouth the sentences as he reads them. My commute is about 20 minutes each way. – zieba.

Price: $97.00


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