Product Description

Fully updated for July 2016

Works with any AUD Course

Covers AUD in 2.5 hours

Designed for Repeat Listening

Created for Auditory Learners

Phone + Earbuds = Study Time

Works Great on any Mobile Device

Commute? Gym? Work? Study.

Free Updates until you Pass!

Link: NINJA Audio Demo

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“By the way, I love the ninja audio. I purchased the audit audio last week, loaded it to my phone so I can listen to mp3 and then imported into my iTunes so I could burn to cds to listen to in the car.” – Beth H.

The high score I got (96) on my last test and I believe is due to using Jeff’s Ninja Audio for Audit. I heard it on my way to and from work. Towards the end, I almost had them memorized.” – Yolyc88

The Audit Ninja Audio is awesome! I have an hour commute both ways. I have been able to listen to the first half on my way to work and the rest on my way home. It is a very easy way to get 2.5 hours of info in a day. They are also great when cooking dinner or cleaning around the house.” – alh87

The audio is AWESOME!! You should really look into making a review course, I think it would be excellent and a lot of people would purchase it! I listened to half of the audio in the morning and half in the afternoon at work yesterday and I will be listening to it everyday until my exam.” – Evan V.

“I passed Auditing with a 95! … I listened to Jeff’s Ninja Audio several times until I could speak along WITH Jeff. I listened to the Ninja Audio during my commute to work.” – beechcrest