Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and their impact on your CPA Exam Testing Experience

CPA Exam candidates are wondering what to do if their exam was affected by the recent earthquake on the East Coast or will potentially be affected by Hurricane Irene.

I contacted NASBA and here is what you need to know:

    • Candidates are advised to contact their local testing center on the day of the exam to see if it is open. It is it is the responsibility of the candidate to try to test.




  • Road conditions etc. may make it difficult or dangerous to get to the testing center and in these cases the candidate should email NASBA ( and attach either a weather report or a newspaper clipping describing the conditions in the area.





  • NASBA will then contact Prometric to ask them to clear the candidate's no-show status and assist them in rescheduling.





  • If necessary, NASBA can extend a candidate's NTS.





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A Jaime 10 years ago

Thanks for posting this, is really helpful specially for those of us living on the Caribbean!!

J Nuffer 10 years ago

I am scheduled to take REG Sunday (when Irene is set to hit my area), and BEC expires at the end of the month (rather 9/30, less the blackout month). Will they accommodate this if the center closes (i.e. make sure I can sit before 9/30), or should I not take any chances and snag a Monday/Tuesday testing time? Any advice is appreciated!

Melissa 10 years ago

I'm in Southern Maine, and while the hurricane will most likely be a tropical storm by the time it hits us, we're still looking at power outages. My exam is Monday morning, my NTS expires in September, and I need to take REG this window before I lose AUD. My question is, if the testing center is closed on Monday, is there any chance I'll still be able to take REG this window?

Name (required) 10 years ago

I would hope they would consider your safety and let you take the exam when you can get there on another day without losing a part.