Took AUD today…made my head spin

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    Hi everyone,
    I barely post on here but anyways today I took AUD. I used Gleim and studied for about six weeks. I actually like the new platform Gleim uses and the way they make you go through the material ensures you'll learn it. I have never studied as much as I did this time around.


    Despite all the studying I did I still felt like I failed. The MCQs were pretty easy for me and only flagged a couple here and there, but the SIMS were just BRUTAL. Also, advice for the MCQs: when you are studying, don't get in the mode where you try to hammer out 200 mcqs in one night…do the MCQs by the chapter and master that unit, then move on to the next. Anyways, except for this research SIM and another relatively simple one, I walked away thinking I failed again (last time I scored a 60). If I fail again I have no idea how I'll keep the motivation to keep on studying. For now I think I will move on to REG (I only passed FAR and it expires Feb 2019).

    Anyone else felt like the AUD sims were really difficult?

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    Hello. I am studying for AUD using Gleim as well. Are you recommending that it's better to do mcqs according to study units while reviewing? Or do you mean in general as you are going through the material and learning it, it is better to start by mastering study units before hammering 200 mcqs?

    Hope that you did well on your exam! 🙂


    I think what makes the SIMS for AUD so challenging is that they have very little to do with the MCQ's and study material, at least for the SIMS I have seen. Heck, some of the SIMS require pretty extensive FAR knowledge. It's just weird how the AICPA pushes conceptual information so hard yet throws practical problems on the test that half little relation to the same concepts.

    Anyways, I got a 72 on AUD on my first try. Took it again and felt like I did much better, but got a 71. I am so sick of studying AUD I just took it a third time this window and felt MUCH better than the other two tries, even though I only studied an additional week for it.

    AUD - 75
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