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    Hi I don't know what to do I read the book and answer mcq and my score in the 60s what should I do every mcq I did wrong when i come back to it after a while i chose the same wrong answer please help


    I know the feeling. Focus on multiple choice and understand why an answer is right and why the answer is wrong. The understanding of why is very important. Look over the sims to get comfortable, but sims are basically an extension of mcq


    I think knowing the ins and outs of the SSAE and SSARS engagements can tremendously help. Independence, procedures, report/opinion, level of assurance, restrictions, agreed-upon procedures.

    That and really digging into what impairs independence.

    FAR - 80 (4/1/2019)

    BEC - 82 (9/7/2019)

    AUD - 81 (11/23/2019)

    REG - 94 (3/9/2020)


    I failed a few times as well. What got me to pass this last time was reading the book, honestly. Memorize memorize. I had a whiteboard and just wrote out all the cycles, the components of the audit report, etc etc. Also, I invested in the monthly Ninja subscription for AUD. I listened to Jeff's audio lectures while getting ready in the morning. I listened while taking notes on the outline he provided. I also did the MCQs from Ninja, but not as much.
    I think the few times I had to retake I noticed that no matter how many MCQs I practiced, I'm still missing some info. That's where the book, audio, and outlines will come in handy.

    REG: 73, 76

    AUD: 63, 61, 72, 78

    FAR: 63, 73, TBD

    BEC: 62, TBD


    Where do I get Jeff audio

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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