How did you do final review for AUD?

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    Hi all!

    For those that have taken (or will take) AUD…how did you go about doing your review / final review? For context, I'm sitting on March 2nd and my study routine has been as follows:
    1. Watch the videos
    2. Read the book
    3. Do ALL of the MCQs (I think there is something buggy with Smart Path, so to err on the side of caution I overkilled and did all the MCQs)
    4. Go back and read the book and then repeat for all sections

    But now that I'm done with content review I'm somewhat overwhelmed with HOW to go about reviewing (not necessarily the review itself). I felt like with my other 3 exams all being more calculation heavy, once I practiced my weak areas I felt really good!

    However with Audit, I'm reviewing (and reviewing my weak areas) and I don't want to psych myself out and say “I know the answer” because (a), process of elimination has allowed me to weed out the wrong answers and I just got lucky with the selecting the right one, (b) I just got lucky and got easy questions in my review set (which consists of all content areas) from sections I was already strong in.

    Right now my review process has been as follows:
    1. Some content specific area MCQs for areas I struggled with originally
    2. Some all content MCQs
    3. Passively watch the lectures again on my 2nd monitor at work
    4. closer to exam day I'm going to go back and rearead the book.
    5.I've also done the AICPA practice exam and took a wack at the SIMS (HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THE AICPA PRACTICE SIMS!!)

    Does anyone have any tips/suggestions? I'm feeling really anxious about AUD because it's my last exam but also because it's just so abstract and because of that I just have a lot of anxiety/nerves.

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    Biff TannenBiff Tannen

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    My exam is next week and my study plan was almost the same as yours.
    Plan for final review (last 2 weeks)
    First week – rewatched all the lectures and take super important notes, mnemonics, then review AICPA released MCQs for each lecture and take the practice exam.
    Second week – just rewatched all the lectures again to refresh my memory before the actual exam.

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    Honestly, I do things backwards. I start with the MCQ because when going through the lecture or books, when I come across something I'm unfamiliar with, I just sort of zone out. Not on purpose, but it doesn't seem to connect until I have some idea about it or recognize it. When I do the MCQ, I get instant explanations for things and I start to see concepts and definitions to look for when doing the lectures/reading.

    After I'm done with the MCQ the first time around, it's on to the lectures and book because I'll finally be able to follow along. I'll make a set of notes for that, and then merge my MCQ notes in each section that they belong in.

    Next up, it's back to the MCQ, referring to my notes as I go along, until it gets to the point where I no longer have to refer to my notes to answer questions correctly, including knowing why a question is right vs wrong.

    The review is just lots more MCQ, sim practice, and practice exams. If I absolutely have to, I'll go back and re-visit lectures.

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    I had almost no time so nothing special. I finished my audit study course, used Roger, like 3 or so days before my exam. In addition, I had FAR the day before AUD, so I had to spend a day reviewing that. In the end I had literally a day to review AUD. In that time I just reread my notes and tried to memorize the mnemonics I had written down. I also drilled MCQs, doing one set the night before and one the morning of the exam using the same number that appeared on the exam. Those two things helped of course. By this point you should know the content so the review is just refreshing it so whether its your own notes or Ninja notes, its good to go through it once or twice.

    My notes were extremely detailed, before this exam I never did note taking so I am not exactly good at it. So even reviewing my notes took quite a while and I really didn't properly have really get all the information fully memorized so I was a bit less than confident going in. However, it was the one exam I felt fully confident I passed coming out of, not that that means squat.

    I don't believe I rewatched videos for AUD, I think I only did that for FAR, but it doesn't hurt to do that on areas you don't remember well, just do it at 2x speed if possible.

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