3rd time was the charm

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    After 2 fails with AUD, I finally passed! I couldn't believe it when I saw my score was a 92, especially coming off of a 67 and 65 fail. Big shout out to @Jeff and the NINJA MCQ. I really think this is what pulled me through this time. Thanks Jeff and the A71 community 🙂 half way there now!!


    @rjdub28 can you explain in more detail what you did differently the third time around?


    @jfernandes256 sure! I think there is a few key things that helped me out.

    1. This attempt at AUD was my 5th exam (AUD was also my 1st and 2nd exams). I think I picked up on a few topics a bit quicker since I'd been through the other 3 sections (FAR especially).

    2. I focused on SIMS. I know this is my weakest area. I've never been a good test taker, and get overwhelmed when I see some of the SIMS, especially ones seem to come out of left field. I did probably 90-100 SIM questions this time around. Ones that I scored poorly on, I did again. I think this helped reinforce some of the key topics, and also gave me practice on using the AL for research.

    3. USE THE AL DURING SIMS. I found a couple of my SIMS almost word-for-word in the AL.

    4 (and probably most importantly). NINJA MCQ. The adaptive learning is great. It really highlights your weak areas and gives really good explanations for the answer choices. I found that with Becker, I had seen the questions so many times (after 3 times through), that I just memorized the answers, but not WHY it was the right answer. NINJA helped with that alot. I will definitely make the NINJA MCQ investment for my REG and FAR re-takes!

    Hopefully that helps 🙂


    @rjdub28 thats AWESOME. Your story inspires me and gives me some hope for my 3rd attempt at FAR coming up 7/5/14. I too have gotten the SIM beatdown on my previous two exams. Like you I plan on drilling SIMS, until I read your post I did not have a goal for number of SIMS to complete, but now Im thinking it should be 90-100.

    Again congrats on your pass and good luck on future exams!


    Anyone who is going into FAR without a solid grasp of journal entries is essentially jumping over a row of school buses on a scooter, no helmet. You know how it's going to end, but you hope for the best. FAR has a brutal way of fleshing out those who can speak J/E and those who can't.

    I'm not implying you don't just saying it's the J/E's that deny most people a 75+.


    journal entries are so crucial. almost more so than being able to add or subtract. well maybe not that much, but almost every question relates in some way to a je. The gov and non profit section is heavily tested on j/e's. id say the biggest part is when u get to the sims nearly every question besides research has them. for me far was third try the charm. i failed the second attempt by only four points and didnt study gov and not profit much and that hurt my score majorly.


    @Wanna_B_TXCPA2014 thank you so much! I'm flattered 🙂 there are so many people on A71 that inspire me..I'm so happy I can do the same! Good luck on your FAR retake. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm for you too! 😉

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