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    Hey guys! I started following the A71 forum back in May. I started this CPA journey back in January, 2013 and after failing REG & AUD three times by 1, 2, & 3 points took a break for various reasons including work and dissapointment. After tax season of this year, I heard about A71 and decided to purchase the NINJA products to supplement my Becker products for my rebattle with REG. I took it in May and PASSED! I immediately begain studying for AUD, purchased the NINJA products to use with Becker and PASSED! Same for BEC, took in August and PASSED!!!

    I'm now studying for FAR (I hope I do not regret saving this section for my last part), but hopefully my “winning streak” will pay off when I take it in November.

    I know my passing has been a combination of finally learning how I need to study for myself, the Becker & NINJA products, and a big factor for me this round was this forum. Being able to read everyone's comments/posts and knowing that there are so many people in my same situation has really been a therapy session & learning experience that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life (as cheesy as that sounds).

    Thanks again to Jeff & everyone who participates in this forum and GOOD LUCK to everyone still on this journey! We all can do it!

    PS any other FAR tips/advice not mentioned in another post or that can be repeated to me would be appreciated!

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