Finally passed AUD.

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    Y'all. I learn quick as hell. I've always been naturally smart. I have beeiworked as an auditor for both the Big 4 and in industry for a little over 3 years. I took AUD 4 times (July 2017, March 2018, November 2019, and mostly recently on 2/9/2020. I scored a 64, then a 74, then a 73, and today I received my first passing score, a lovely 76. Back in 2017, I studied for 10 days. In 2018, I didn't work an MC, just read the book cover to cover the day before the exam. That earned me the 74. Last November, I tried to reread the book again, and i halfheartedly did a couple chapter of questions, but never once studied chapters 5 or 6 thoroughly. I also never once worked a SIM or did the skill master vidoes, which I found out was killing me. To earn my first passing score I worked all the MC questions, did all the skill masters, worked as many SIMS as I could but didn't get through them all. I have never done a practice test in Becker ever. Just wanted to share in case there are any intense crammers like me out there. I knew i would never have months and months or even full days to study for these tests, and even finding the 2-3 hours before or after work, or on weekends, hasn't worked out for me and my lifestyle. I am so proud that my quirky studying has finally got me started on the path I need to be on! I have a 67 on BEC from sitting during grad school in March 2017 before they changed it. I only studies for 6 days, and I did NOT get anywhere near through all the material. My retake is on 3/1, and then I'm buckling down for REG and FAR in early and late April. I want to be a CPA by Cinco de Mayo, (scores for my last two come out 5/4. I have loved reading this forum and following everyone's progess throughout the years. Happy studying!!

    AUD – 64, 74, 73, 76
    BEC – 67, retaking on 3/1
    REG –
    FAR –

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