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    Passed a section by scoring “weaker” in the simulations?

    This exam ceases to amaze me. I thought I destroyed this entire AUD exam, particularly the SIMs. So, I get my score report this morning from my state board and it says MCQ stronger in every category (and as a whole) but weaker in SIMs. Oddly enough, I thought the SIMs were the easiest part of the exam. I've yet to read anyone scoring weaker on the simulations and ending up w/ a passing score so I was shocked by this. I thought it was like some kind of mathematical impossibility. Maybe quantitatively I scored insanely high on MCQs and juussssst barely in the “weaker” zone on SIMs

    “Is this real life?” — for those of you familiar w/ the famous YouTube video.

    Anyways, all is well that ends well (I made an 80), but this exam makes absolutely no sense. People making 95+ that think they failed and stuff like this makes me think they pick names out of a hat haha.


    I honestly have no idea, because my state doesn't send the reports when you pass. It wouldn't shock me though. I never felt like I did well on the sims.


    krschneids is right on

    My state doesn't give breakdowns on passed sections either. But I know I had to have been weaker on Sims on my Reg 79 pass, I did thousands of MCQs and know I crushed the 3 MCQs testlets. My Sims I'd be thankful if I got even 50% on 4 out of the 6. Though with people's Reg exam experiences, I guess I may have still been comparable.

    I have seen people post screenshots on here of passes with weaker sim scores from states who provide that information.


    NASBA doesn't break down passing scores.


    In my experiences with the tests, I never knew what to expect. I just knew that I never knew until I knew my score how it went. With that said, my last test was FAR. I felt good on the MCQs, but the SIMs always seem to beat me up (or at least I don’t feel confident on them)…when it’s all said and done, I scored an 86, so I’m with @Bobcat87, when I feel like they pick names out of a hat sometimes. Ha. Just a combination of luck and preparation I suppose! I remember someone stating their thoughts on how it was scored compared to others in your time window? Any truth to that!?


    @billbraskey — I recognize that NASBA doesn't break down passing scores. This is why I mentioned that this came from my state board. They always provide this diagnostic report pass or fail.

    Ninja Juice

    Bobcat87 i definitely relate to your post. My aud expired in which i scored 91 initially..and 70 on the retake..I feel like i more than destroyed that exam. and with my FAR expiring June,,i feel like this is probably it for me. Got REG at may 30…but with all these 70s scoring for Aud n Reg retakes whats the point? these guys are just taking my money there has to be an error on scoring.

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