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    Although that is my dream to become a CPA, I am feeling lazy and unmotivated to get started studying for AUD. I am just feeling lazy and unmotivated. I have Becker , a desk and a chair. ALL I need to do is study, but can't. Please help with any tricks/tips to get me going! Thanks in advance.

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    Feeling unmotivated when you haven't even started on your first exam is not a good sign, you have to find that hunger and drive. Thats great that becoming a CPA is your dream, but do you really want it? Because you're going to need to want it pretty bad to pass. I'm not sure what advice to give, other than find something that is going to keep you motivated and focused until you finish the journey. For me, just wanting to be a CPA was enough fuel to keep me studying every day.

    I suppose at some point that studying also can just become part of your routine. You kind of get used to it and it won't take that conscious thought and effort to study every day, it kind of just becomes something you do. Set small goals for yourself, one section at a time. Thinking about all of the material in one exam (let alone all of the exams) can probably be a little overwhelming. Just focus on mastering one small piece at a time and it will all come together. Good luck and get fired up already!

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    How do you respond to self-imposed schedules? I was very regimental about studying for 2 hours after work and 5 or so hours each Saturday. It took a pretty big event to make me deviate from that schedule, even though no one but me was holding me to it.

    But, if you're just not into it then wait a month and see if you can find your mojo. No need to waste your time and money on something you are not committed to finishing.

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    Schedule your exam. Once you have a deadline and money on the line, you'll find your motivation increasing.

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    Thanks guys, your input is much appreciated.

    Do or Die Journey!

    It is always harder to start new habits than it is to keep them going.

    Pay for, and schedule the exam. That should cure your ailment.


    For what it's worth, I first applied for the exam in Q4 2015. I pissed away most of 2016 “studying” for it, but not very effectively. What ultimately worked for me was the regimentation mentioned above. I looked at the material in the study program I'm using, how many hours of lectures, how many questions in the question bank, and literally scheduled out what I was going to tackle each day. Having concrete tasks really helped focus. It's a lot easier to imagine the end of the task on a daily basis when it's chunked up like that. So if Becker's got a course outline, make an estimate of how long it'll take you to do it and schedule it out. Then track yourself against that. If your estimate's bad, just revise it, but at least you'll have a concrete plan and be holding yourself accountable to that.

    Another thing I found useful was making the choice that studying for the CPA was the first priority, and I tackle it first thing every morning. Basically the strategy is do the unpleasant things before your frontal lobe gets tired.

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