How I Passed Audit in 3 Weeks

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    I gained so much help from this website so I figured I might as well contribute. I just got my passing audit score today (75!) and managed to cram all my studying into 3 weeks. So this is truly for anyone out there who is wary of whether they can pass audit in 3 weeks: ITS POSSIBLE

    I used Becker and I essentially did not follow their study plan at all. I skipped the lectures unless if I was really confused on a topic. But I did read each chapter, took notes on the bigger concepts, then did a few rounds of MCQ's until I got majority correct and I got the hang of the content.

    After that I would do a Simulation for the Module and move onto the next until I completed the chapter. This was basically how I “learned the content”. Most of my studying was also reinforcing what I learned, considering that there is so much information and you need to stay fresh on it. So at the end of the day I'd usually clock in about 3 hours of going through MCQ's on progress tests. This ensured that I wasn't forgetting anything. For any MCQ's that challenged me, I would reread the chapter, take notes, and write the explanation for the question in a notebook. Now, by the end of my studying, this notebook was completely full!
    I did do a mock exam, but it didn't prove to be helpful or accurate. But I did give me a good idea of how the exam works.

    Just keep your head up and keep doing MCQ's! Put in the time to really understand what makes a question right or wrong, it makes all the difference. My other tip is to practice Authoritative Literature at the end of the day, because its pretty easy to practice even when lying in bed. I found studying AL (authoritative lit) to be pretty easy because you just have to understand the layout of the literature and how to use the program, so that's why I practiced it at the end of the day when I was already fatigued.

    Watch my Youtube Video above on how I did it! I go into more detail (:

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 94
    FAR - 77
    REG - NINJA in Training



    I basically did the exam exact thing you did in 4 weeks and got an 78! I’ve had experience in audit so that may have contributed, but def followed a similar study plan. In addition to doing a mock exam I did the AICPA sample test. Great tips!


    I did AUD in like 4 weeks with Gleim. No Audit Exp. Read the chapters hammered MCQs. No Sims other than the AICPA Sample Test. Got an 85.


    I'm a true believer that completing every lecture, skills video, MCQ after each module, and simulations after each chapter will guarantee you passing. I studied 6 hours a day for 13 days (78 total hours) and completed the three mock exams (75, 75, 75) and got by. I probably would've done better if I spent more time reviewing but the last 3 days of mock exams + review did the trick. Plus if you do all of it and still fail, Becker has a reimbursement policy for such.


    I kept failing audit with Becker and I wish this is what I did! I would read the lectures, do all multiple choice once, and half the sims. My Becker expired but this time I used a pretty similar plan to yours through Wiley since I already had that for free. Problems, problems, problems and notes on the ones I got wrong. Would only watch lectures for the ones I concepts I didn't understand. PASSED!! 🙂 Congrats!



    To put your studying into context, how many total hours did you study?

    B-76! 11/14/16

    A-76! 09/8/17

    R-79! 07/10/17

    F-84! 05/30/18



    I passed AUD in 2.5 weeks – because I procrastinated and had to. I actually used the Bisk AUD videos, which is fortuitous for marketing since I now own the content. 🙂

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    I just passed Audit in 5 weeks with Becker. My score was 94. I watched all the lectures first and did the MCQ. Once I went through the material once, I went back to chapter one, taking notes and going through the questions, and realized the lectures had been a major waste of time. While they were helpful for FAR, I really felt like they did nothing for Audit prep. With two weeks left to the exam, I just kept doing questions and taking notes based on the questions. The mock exams also helped a lot. I would do the first testlet, then check the answers, take notes and move to the next section. I just started studying for REG 2 weeks ago and plan to take it on August 11th. I haven't been watching the lectures at all, just questions and taking my own notes. I haven't even opened the book, I'm just using the online version with the lecturer's notes. I think this is a great way to study, especially if you do Becker, which has long, boring lectures.

    AUD - 94
    BEC - 94
    FAR - 84
    REG - 93
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