jstay you passed!

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    I figured you did, congrats

    I have 13 days left and I'm cramming in everything I can. The big tell will be what I score on the practice exams for Becker. They've been pretty spot on in reflecting my eventual score. I forget, what did you get when you completed the practice exams for AUD?

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    hey yeah thanks! i definitely felt the best coming out of this one. i guess i got good sims. practice exams were 69 and 72. Also ninja was a really awesome supplement, i dont know if you have ever used it before. Also, Like i said before..keep studying/ reading the book up until you go to bed the night before the exam. i believe i had a few questions that i knew because i had read them the night before, good luck!

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    Good stuff

    Yeah, I use Ninja Audio only. I am a creature of habit so that's why I haven't supplemented Becker with much else. I figure pounding the information in has worked for me in the past. I study up until I walk into the door at the testing center.

    Looks like I may be in line with you as far as AUD is concerned. Now, get back and study REG!!!!

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    Any advice on the AUD sims?

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    Was you exam experience similar to mine do you think? I'm hoping for a pass.

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