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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience – because I am absolutely shattered from BEC. The version of the exam I got was very difficult – more so than Beckers Mock Exams. The first testlet was at the hard level, lots of calculations. The second testlet only had a few. Which sent me in a spiral….because I felt like I got an “easier” testlet. Then came the SIMS. I really don’t think any amount of review of Beckers SIMS would have prepared for me for what I encountered. They were ridiculous – very time consuming and virtually impossible to complete in the given timeframe. I either had to guess at the answer or leave some spaces blank and move on. I felt like the SIMS in FAR were much more relatable to the content. Where as with BEC – it was SO far fetched. There was only one that tied in some Econ. But otherwise, just nonsense. I only finished 2 out of 3 WC since I ran out of time.

    So, all in all. I’m pretty sure I failed. Which is so disheartening, given how much time and effort I put into review/study.

    I’d love to hear from other BEC test takers……I’m SOOOOOOOOO disillusioned with this whole process!!!


    Hopefully you did pass.
    Just curious, did you do the AICPA Sample test? Asking since you mentioned SIMs being that way.

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 75
    REG - 80
    Won't know until you try.

    Hi – good question. Yes, I did. In fact I went through the AICPA sample test several times. To make sure I left no stone unturned. I got zeros ratio questions – not one. Which is why the whole experience was so upsetting. The format of the SIM sample as the exam. But there is no study material out there that could have prepared me for the SIMS I got on the test. The actual exam was far more challenging than Becker’s mock or any SIM.

    Jimmy Dugan

    I thought I had a rough go of it with BEC also, but ended up passing anyway. It was the only one that I've used the entire 4 hours on; most of the time I get done with 45 min to an hour of clock time left. Don't fail yourself just yet. Practically everyone walks out saying their specific sims were out of left field and impossible and they did horrible on them. You just never know which one was a pretest item or how many you got correct by guessing.

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 84
    REG - 90
    You're killing me Smalls



    It's not just you. I felt my first testlet was more difficult than the second one. Also, the SIMs are getting ridiculous for BEC. I had one SIM that probably would have take 40 minutes or more to complete. Eventually, I guessed and moved on to the writing portion. I learned my lesson from my first time taking it. Hopefully, we will all receive a passing score next month.

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 76
    REG - 80
    AUD - 81
    BEC - 70, 77
    FAR - 70, 70, 76
    REG - 70, 80
    (I used WileyCPA and Ninja-FAR only)

    It took almost two years, but I am now finished with my CPA exams.


    I had a similar experience and felt absolutely DEFEATED coming out of BEC. The MCQs were about 50/50 on what I expected and didn't expect. However, my experience with the SIMS was way off than how I prepared. When I got to the WC, I really put forth the time and effort to ensure my responses were in tip-top shape. Somehow I ended up coming out with an 81…like they say, you never really know! I was sure I failed when I walked out of the testing center.

    AUD - 92
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 76
    REG - 76
    You can do it.

    I took BEC in Q4 2018 and didn't pass, and my exam didn't have many calculations. Now I'm getting worried because I keep hearing how calculation heave it is. I'm set to take it this Thursday and am extremely worried from what I keep hearing…but I've heard there's a lot of B4 you have to know?


    I can completely relate to the original post here. I just took BEC and I left feeling horrible about it. As you mentioned, the sims were way out there. I've been studying with Wiley, and not a single one of the actual sims that I got compared to anything that I encountered in my review course. As for the MCQ's, I did feel pretty good about the majority of the ones involving calculations. The conceptual questions were a different story. The ones that I got were very vague and not very clear on what they were even asking. I was able to get through all of the WC's, but only had about 4 mins to proof read because the sims took SOOO long. I'm really curious to see what my score ends up being because I too have very little confidence that I passed. However, I felt just as bad coming out of FAR and REG, but I ended up passing those sections. I guess we'll just have to wait till score release and keep our fingers crossed.

    AUD - TBD

    BEC - 92

    FAR - 91

    REG - 85


    I just took BEC today and had a much different experience then most of ya'll. My multiple choice was about average. I really did not get much cost accounting at all thank goodness. My SIMS were almost all “select from the dropdown.” They were much easier than the Multiple Choice in my opinion. The hardest topics in my opinion were the writing topics. 2/3 of them were out of left field, stuff that was not in the book at all. If they made it harder this quarter atleast it benefits all of us if we didn't kill it on the exam.

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 75
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 2/2019 - Passed - 2,000 MCQ's , 10 Simulations, Reviewed Written Portion Outline

    AUD - 3/2019 - Awaiting Score (3/19) - 2,500 MCQ's - Very Few Simulations

    REG - 4/2019

    FAR 6/2019


    Looking forward to putting this whole process behind me!

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