Just Took Bec 13

I failed BEC before with a 71. Today I feel much worse than before, because of SIMs.

My experience:
1 testlet – 65-70% calculations, barely finished, but feel OK.
2 testlet – conceptual, easier than 1 testlet, feel GOOD.
3 testlet – complex simulations with a lot of calculations…. I had 20 minutes per SIM and it took me 12 minutes to finish reading and understand what they're asking, barely finished, feel BAD.
4 testlet – extremely difficult simulations with a lot of information and calculations, Wiley's SIMs are 10 times easier, feel HORRIBLE, 70% guesses.
5 testlet – finished all 3 WC, what I wrote doesn't make any sense, but it has a proper format and a lot of key words, probably OK.

First time when I took BEC 50% of SIMs were easy and 50% were really bad, this time around all 4 were really bad…
Does anyone else feel this way who have taken it this quarter?
I would appreciate any advice of how to handle difficult SIM, when there is a lot of information and some of that irrelevant (very detailed SIMs).