The New BEC was almost impossible

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    Hey everyone, I wanted to talk about my BEC experience. I passed all the other parts on my first try and I thought since BEC is supposed to be the easiest, I would take it last. I studied for about 6 weeks, doing about 40 hours a week. I received 70% on the finals reviews with Becker, and I don't think there was anything else I could’ve done more to help my score.

    Fast forward to the day of the exam, half of my MC for both testlets were computational, which took way longer than the 1.5 minutes to complete, as Becker suggested per question. My computer also crashed and the people at prometric was able to get it back on, but my excel sheet with all my computations were deleted so I wasn't able to check my work. The pressure of time eventually got to me, and I rushed through all the sims, without being able to check it. Although I did finish the exam on time, I feel like I probably failed. How can anyone finish 2 testlets, 4 sims, and 3 written portions in 4 hours especially when half of the MC, and all of the Sims are heavy on math?

    The potential feeling of having to take it again is making me sick, especially since I won’t know my score until Sept 11. I know a lot of people say “if you think you failed, you passed” but based on my experience this isn't true.

    Can anyone else share their experience with this new BEC format?

    AUD - 80
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - 95
    REG - 80

    My exam was the complete opposite. I took it yesterday and it was very conceptual heavy with maybe 25% of mcq being calculations (most were in 1st testlet). My SIMS were also very logical based where you had to do minor calculations but the application of the results led to the answer. My WC was a pain because when I went back to edit, it would delete words if I typed new ones so I had to cut the remaining part of the paragraph to type new words and then paste which was a major hassle.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 86
    REG - 88
    "You must be really good at math"- Everyone when I say I'm an accountant

    You didn't fail, try and get your mind off the exam and enjoy the rest of your summer. BEC had a 60% pass rate in Q2… I like your chances.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 92
    FAR - 82
    REG - 90
    Don't get nervous, you suck when you're nervous



    Given your previous scores, ability to pass the others on the first time, and how you wrote this post, I'd be willing to wager a large sum of money that you passed.

    Take it easy, you're good. 🙂


    Hi, if someone did very well in MCQS and Simulations and bad in Written communications tasks, can pass Bec exam or not ? because I read on nasba website that the weight of written communication tasks are only 15% of the score.


    Honestly this was terrible. I’ve passed 3/4 and this was the worst I felt after any of the exams. SIMs

    Felix The Cat

    If you could only study FIVE topics for *cost accounting* –>> What would they be? ABC? Variance Analysis?

    Thank you for your time!


    Havent decided when I will be writing BEC, FAR, REG, AUD

    So I took BEC and passed on round 1 under the old format. Lost my credit. Re-tested and passed round 1 under the new format in Q2 – with a higher score than my first pass.

    I took both AUD and BEC in Q2 and my husband asked me before the score release if I thought I passed both and I said there was no way I passed BEC. It was just a lot different and even though I used Becker when I sat down it still seemed to be not what I expected. I was more confident the time I got the lower passing score, which was weird. The pass rate in Q2 for BEC was astronomical compared to what pass rates normally are, so with the studying you said you did I would be willing to bet you passed.

    I had a computer crash during a REG exam and it was the most nervous I have ever been. It is super distracting, even though as you said they get it back. But it's hard to re-focus when that happens.

    Also, I'm not sure what your background is. But I have an MBA and I felt both times that BEC was a review of my entire MBA so I didn't study even as much as what you listed and was okay. Having a broader business knowledge really helped me with that exam. Wish I could say the same for the other 2 I've really struggled with – ha! Here's to hoping for passes on September 11!

    BEC - 78 (Lost Credit), 83

    AUD - 63, 74, 69, 79

    REG - 59, 74, 72, 78

    FAR - 75


    Striver and Jdub, you both used BECKER as your primary course. Did you use the final review that they had for an extra cost and if so, did you find it useful?


    I have not used a final review for Becker at all. I do get their flashcards and I find those helpful. With my 2nd BEC attempt I didn't even have time to do a mock exam. With my 1st I did and I scored around a 73 if I remember correctly – then a 78 on the actual exam.

    I'm assuming this helped but who really knows. What I did do for BEC for the written communication practice was go through those in Becker, construct my answer. But then I word re-type Becker's canned solution to try and make myself write/think that way since that's what they want when scoring it.

    BEC - 78 (Lost Credit), 83

    AUD - 63, 74, 69, 79

    REG - 59, 74, 72, 78

    FAR - 75

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