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    I need help figuring out how they got to the answer for Operating cash flow ratio on a sim for the BEC prac. exam. The formula wants CF from operations, how would I find that from just the IS and BS? Feel like I am missing something here. I sit for the real deal tomorrow morning (Last test, freaking out!) Wish me luck!

    Took my last Becker ME 3 test yesterday and got a 81%. I am hoping that is a good sign. Normally I spend the last day before my exams relaxing and not overdoing it, but this question is driving me crazy.



    Here, it's helpful if you'll post the question as they change these from time to time. I went to pull the practice exam to help you out though.
    Cash flow from operations is given/stated in the problem. The formula for operating cash flow ratio is given in the bank loan covenant excerpt.
    You simply divide cash flow from operations ($2,050,000) by current liabilities in the statement of financial position (5,320,000) to get .39

    Hope this helps!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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