HELP! 3 down, 1 to go. Last chance :(

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    I just found out that I passed BEC with 82. Woo hoo! That means I'm done with 3 sections: AUD 88, BEC 82 and FAR 78.

    REG is the tough one for me. Took it 3 times: 73-73-67. I don't know what to do but I'll do anything to pass it in the next testing window because it is kind of a last chance for me if I want to keep my FAR score. It expires on Oct 1 🙁

    Any recommendations or suggestions?

    I'm studying with Becker CPA Review. Ideas or techniques? I'll greatly appreciate it.


    Follow the way of the NINJA.

    Check out the Ninja Notes and Audio. Use them any chance you get!

    A few dollars on some extra study material is less than a new NTS.


    You still have two chances to take REG and pass before losing any sections (if I understand you have up to the end of business day to take a test on the day you would lose credit). I would say study, study, study over the next 5-6 weeks and take your first test as close to the end of the first window in July, that way you can get your scores back the quickest. Take a weeks break, give your mind some rest, and if you don't pass you still have plenty of time to restudy and take it a second time. Your previous scores are very close to passing, so I don't think you will have any problem getting that 75 with two consecutive tests.

    A lot of people have had success going through full tax returns, so if you can find any good examples online or in any of your tax textbooks from college it might help. Most people I think forget to focus on the big picture which helps to pull all of those little “fact nuggets” into place.


    I'm in a similar boat. Two chances to take REG (have never taken before) and of I don't pass I lose BEC, FAR and my mind! REG is my last section and I have for to get this done!!! I've tried studying before and just could not focus and the MCQ were a nightmare for me! YUCK!

    Hoping we can both find something that works and we pass this next window! GOOD LUCK!!


    to expand on Jake's suggestion of going through full tax returns, H&R Block has an online exam you can take if you want to work for them without paying for their course. If you pass the exam with > 80 you are exempt from training. Do the exam,seriously. Its untimed, I think it took me about 2 hours and you can research the answers as you go since it is untimed. I learned EVER so much about tax from it, and managed to pass REG that time.

    I only had to tell Block once that I declined the job and they didn't harrass me.


    understand the concept of basis forward and backward. i thought the becker review did a good job of covering the important stuff.


    @mla1169, I looked at the test online and it appears to be 50 MCQ's but is timed now at 90 minutes. I haven't tried it, seeing as I am not studying for Reg, but I definitely will when i begin that section.


    Oh it was last year that I did it so maybe it changed? I think if worse comes to worse you're still allowed to save it and go back to it at another time. Either way it made me feel SO good to know I was qualified to work for $8.75/hour at H&R Block. *snort* Yup, minimum wage even with a CPA,bless their hearts!


    I did really well in undergrad, as accounting has always been my strong suit. And even before I took any of the sections, I knew that REG was going to be the toughest one. And I can tell you that so far I've spent 2 times more enegy and time on it than I did on any other section. Keeping my fingers crossed to have passed it the last time I took it.

    It is very tough and you are so close. It's going to take just alittle extra effort to memorize some of those details to gain the extra 2-3 points.


    Working at H&R Block with a CPA? Could you eleborate on that or are you kidding?

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