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    I passed BEC! Which in and of itself is a miracle because I only got 61% through my study materials! I didn't blow it out of the water but passing is passing! It's 2:30 Monday morning and I feel soooooo ready to take on the world. I am thrilled. This site has made the world of difference in my studying and the NINJA Notes were irreplaceable. I am looking forward to joining the real world again. No more studying on nights and weekends. No more stress! No more waiting for score releases!!! I feel for everyone in the future who is obsessive about finding out his/her scores. I'm on cloud 9 but I really need to sleep because adrenaline and endorphins can only take me so FAR tomorrow. Haha.

    So because I haven't blogged in awhile – I got engaged last August, started my Masters in Acct 2 days later, planned a wedding, started studying, completed my program this past May with about a 3.9, bought a fixer-upper foreclosure, started my job, got married, still studied, and finally, finally passed my last exam. I was the blogger in the photo with the horse (who died in August btw). I look almost 12 months of my life to do this. My struggle wasn't nearly as hard as people who have children and try to take on this beast but it was still exhausting at times.

    If I had 1 piece of advice for anyone taking this exam is to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Study with all your might for a month or 2. Study like there is no tomorrow. Make yourself sick with all the studying and just get it done. Because 12 or so months of nauseating studying is better than years of taking and retaking exams due to score expirations and life events. So that's my $0.02.

    (Thanks Jeff for everything)

    NINJA Ashley signing off!!



    Congrats NINJA Ashley! 🙂

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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