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    I sat for BEC on 1/17/15, and learned this morning that I passed BEC with an 86! Gleim was my software of choice. Studied by just drilling the MCQs in practice sessions and reviewing answer rationale. My goal was to hit 55 questions per day Mon-Sat (holidays and special occasions excepted, which increased the average req.). Fell a little short on average but not too bad. Spent 8 weeks studying (Gleim MCQ library is massive, and re-scheduled my original 1/3 test date after failing AUD with a 74!). I only used the book and outlines a select few times.

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    I also am using Gleim. Did tons of MCQs on my last go at BEC and ended up with a 74. Devastated!! I really thought I had passed this time. Now I have AUD coming up and plan on using Gleim even more than the first two times. Is there anything you can recommend for AUD on my next try being you were just so close with a 74? I hate AUD with a passion and know it is not for me. Do you think the AUD Sims in Gleim were helpful to you?

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    Future Ninja

    @Tarheelgirl – I'm sorry to hear your news. Have you tried the clarified standards on aicpa site for AUD? On my last week, I focus on my notes and free clarified standards specially the AT's sections. I used Ninja MCQ, Ninja Notes and Audio. You can do it. Don't give up. We are already in pain, get a reward from it. ^_^

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    @future ninja – I have not used the clarified standards on the aicpa website. Did you just read those and get the topics down? I have NINJA MCQ as well and will be using both test banks. I was trending a 77% on my last AUD retake. I've been in pain my last 4 fails. I honestly am trying so hard and studying so much that I have already been burnt out months ago. Good Luck to you on your last two!

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    CONGRATS! Now go out celebrate, get drunk, and get arrested for public indecencies before moving on to the next section.

    AUD - 90
    BEC - 78
    FAR - 84
    REG - 87
    World Domination Plan

    Phase I : Pass CPA Exams - Complete
    Phase II : Megan Fox - In Progress
    Phase III : Megan Fox & Scarlett Johansson Lingerie Pillow Fight
    Phase IV : Form the new Charlie's Angels with Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, & Gal Gadot
    Phase V : TBD

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    @tarheelgirl – I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. It's not an easy license, and I've been at this for over a year myself. I used CPAExcel for AUD, REG and FAR. I changed to Gleim because it was cheaper and had more questions. I imagine Gleim is very good for AUD if it's anything like it was for BEC with me. At first I just bought the practice MCQs, but then I bought the audio and used that as a supplement (just for when driving or working out). Eventually I upgraded to the whole Gleim package (not the premium) but didn't really need everything.

    I am a big fan of not reading the chapters or watching the videos. My own method has been to go through the MCQs, get them wrong, and see why I got them wrong. It helps you get the mindset for the subject, and it solidifies the concept. Analyzing your own mistakes helps you better understand the correct answer rationale. I would only read the chapters or watch videos if you really don't understand something. Other than that I think watching the videos, reading the chapters, examining supplements and then working the questions is a waste of time. By the time you get through the last lesson (four months later) you forget everything you learned four months earlier. Seeing as you're very stressed I would determine the methods that are not working for you and cut them out. And give the method I suggested a go if you're not doing it already.

    @Skynet – I will certainly celebrate! Though, I will be avoiding the roots and fruit of getting arrested.

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    Future Ninja

    @Tarheelgirl – yes I just read them specially AT stds, reconciled with my ninja notes and non-stop Ninja MCQ. You can do it. Be Hungry! Everyday is day one. Watch this.

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    Thanks @Erskine and @Future Ninja! I will reevaluate my study habits as I am still trying to figure out what works best for me. Thank you for all the suggestions. I will defiantly start implementing them.

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    Congrats Erskine and thanks for the tips. I am using Gleim as well I bought the premium package for all 4 sets ($900+) and so far it has been successful with 3 sections. I'm glad to hear the Gleim worked for you for BEC.

    @Tarheelgirl – I used different approach in each section.

    FAR – strictly followed Gleim suggested approach. Did not do all MCQs and prepared my own notes. Financial accounting is my strong point so that helped too.

    AUD – Almost same as FAR except less reading on the book/pdf. I only scan thru the book to see the “Gleim success tips” then I retyped the AV presentation and used that as my notes instead of creating my own, added some if I came across something that was not covered. Did all MCQs in study mode.

    REG – Listened to audio while driving, did MCQ1 just to have idea of questions then watched AV presentation, then did all MCQs in study mode, then went back to MCQ2, TF then did 2 sets of 20 MCQs in practice mode. I created my own notes, mostly mnemonics taken from different posts in A71, formulas, and limitations. I only referred to the book when something was not clear while doing MCQs. I'm also doing Plants vs Zombies 2 (blame it to my nephew) my ipad in between breaks. 🙂

    BEC – Listening to audio while driving, doing MCQ1, watching AVP, then scan thru the book for the tips and then doing all MCQ in study mode, taking some notes, MCQ2, TF then 2 sets of 20 MCQs in practice mode. Still doing plants vs zombies in between breaks. 🙂

    I only watched the Gleim instruct videos in FAR. Not available yet when I took AUD and REG. BEC is available but I think it's just a waste of time. And by the way, I am working full time and studied at least 15-20 hrs per week for 2 months for each section.

    Good luck and I hope you'll get them next time!

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