Advice for re-entering the accounting field

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    So I worked a bit in an entry level, or really sub entry level as it was just doing AP and some GL data entry, for a few years and then I left the country and have lived abroad for several years. I finally decided to get back into accounting and until I return to the US I have decided to study and pass the CPA as hopefully it will help get me a job since having such a long employment gap will hurt. I just took FAR and AUD and have now begun REG study, if I passed both FAR and AUD I'll start BEC in about a month and take both REG and BEC in October. I would spread them out and do one at a time but I have to actually fly to another country in order to take the exam so its best for me to take two at a time. If I fail one of FAR or AUD I'll take the failed section along with REG in October and my last section in January. If I fail both, I don't know, but we'll see.

    Anyway my question isn't really about studying but rather what you would recommend for someone who has been out of the accounting field for several years. My current job is completely unrelated to accounting or even business. I know employers care about employment gaps and a big reason I decided to take the exam was to display some level of knowledge despite being out of the field so long. Do you think just a generic staff accounting job would be obtainable without too much difficulty despite the employment gap if I have the exam passed? Unfortunately my work in accounting wasn't under a CPA or anything so I'll still need a year experience before I get the license but I could at least mention that I passed the exam.

    I am a little older now so I am not really fond of the idea of being a Big Four 60-80/wk worker and would prefer either just a small CPA firm or industry. Although one year at a big firm would be okay if it is necessary.


    AUD - 85
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 91
    REG - 84
    CMA Part 1 - 420

    CMA Part 2 - June 2020


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    I think since you passed the CPA you may be able to get employed during the upcoming 2020 tax season when small to medium size firms need assistance. Plus, you would be gaining experience under a licensed CPA. So apply for positions for tax season, if you're good and the organization offers other services, maybe they will keep you on after tax season, if not – it's 4 months worth of experience, some coin and practical learning experience.

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    Any tips for taking FAR and AUD at the same time? I too am travelling for the exams and going to retake AUD as it expired and FAR early January

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    At the minimum, I would space them 3 days apart.

    I took BEC and AUD same day…not fun.

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