Am I being underpaid?

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    I am working at a VERY small public accounting practice that mainly does tax work (2 partners, 2 part time CPAs including myself, and 2 staff accountants and an office mgr). One of the partners is retiring soon. I am currently in my third tax season with this place and have had my CPA for 2 years and a couple of months. I have 6 years QuickBooks/bookkeeping experience and I have an MBA (15 years ago – I took a break to have 4 kids and stayed home with them for 10 years and got my CPA while I was home). Anyhow, I am currently working part time – about 20 hours a week and I make $23.50/hr. I started at $20/hr, bumped up to $22.50 and then last spring got a raise to $23.50. We live in VA but not northern VA so average cost of living. Not rural but not metropolitan. They are VERY flexible with how much I want to work and do not offer ANY benefits (no health – nothing). I feel so underpaid and its starting to drive me crazy but I can find out if I really am being underpaid or not…any input?

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    Honestly… yes.. That's pocket change. We have 23 year olds at my firm with no experience or CPA yet that start at $30 an hour and full benefits, 4 weeks PTO, 4 months paid maternity/paternity leave, etc. You deserve more.

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    You have at least 3 years/busy seasons at this place, a CPA license, a MBA, 6 years in Quickbooks/bookkeeping, and all you got is 20 hours, no benefits, and $23.50?

    You're getting hosed, man. Sooooo badly hosed. I mean, I know C-suite people who have your literal exact qualifications and experience. You should be mad as hell at how much you're being taken advantage of.

    Stop whatever you're doing and get your arse to work on your resume and apply everywhere right now.

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    I disagree that you are being grossly underpaid for the job you are performing. (slightly underpaid, yes) It sounds like you basically have an accounting “gig” right now, where you are not tied down with a very high level of commitment.

    I agree with others that you have the experience to look for something better if you are interested in a more traditional commitment. Industry jobs will likely offer better pay and WLB.

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    It depends on how much effort and commitment your paying. Some jobs require 60-70 hours a week… and you will get paid $100K+ but it just depends on how much time and effort your willing to put in.

    You are being underpaid for having a CPA and getting paid $23 an hour anyhow… apply at other jobs.. get an offer and then approach your current employer to state the value

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    Yes (in theory), but there are a lot of factors involved in excelling in a job. Credentials on paper are great but application of technical abilities and skill sets is the key in addition to other factors like leadership skills, adaptability, being easy to work with, positive attitude and go getter attitude. You have the credentials at the end of the day so it is up to you to seek and earn the highest possible wages your background commands. No one is going to give you what you deserve. You have to go get it. Good luck.

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    I would have to agree that you are being extremely underpaid. My first job was in the metro Virginia area. I had no experience with only a bachelors degree making $20/hr and after 6 months of being employed, I received a $5 raise.

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    Yea you way underpaid man. Especially with a CPA. No benefits? You need to bounce from that place

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