I just got offered an auditing position in Alexandria,VA. Advice is obliged!

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    I recently graduated from a university in Michigan with my masters in Accounting. I was offered a position in Alexandria, VA as an external Federal auditor. I do not have any friends or family who lives in a VA and this will be my first full time accounting position after college. How do you know if a company is a good place to work for? Once you have a few years of experience as a federal auditor are you stuck in that position? I do not know if the salary is reasonable for the area. If you can give me any suggestions, I will be grateful as I do not know if I should take this position or not.


    Alexandria is wonderful if you like the idea of being in the Metro DC area. High cost of living, terrible traffic and long commutes, but with roommates can be affordable. If this is a federal job great benefits and a pension are attractive. If it is not it could lead to federal opportunities. The experience will be good – good federal auditors are needed and it could be an excellent career.
    Every state has Labor Market Information with wage data for the area. https://virginiaworks.com/quarterly-census-of-employment-and-wages-qcew

    Salary.com or Indeed can help with salary and cost of living info.

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    any updates? audit jobs can be awesome or they can be terrible. i say take the chance and enjoy the change


    Going the federal route vs CPA firm route will affect your career path.

    In my opinion, there's less flexibility with the fed route.

    Being away from friends/family is a real factor…don't make the decision to leap lightly.

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