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    Idk, maybe I'm just jaded. I've only been working in accounting for about 5 years, but in that short time I've seen the ridiculous hoops that candidates are being forced to jump through to get a job. Full day office interviews only to not receive an update on the job position, recruiters changing your resume before sending them to the employer, 5-6 step interview processes for entry level positions, 2+ years experience required for ENTRY LEVEL jobs. It's all well and good to talk about honesty, integrity, etc. And I'm not saying that those qualities are not important. Clearly they are. But I honestly cannot blame someone for presenting his/her best self in an interview, even if it means embellishing experience. The hilarious thing is, this whole thing could have been avoided if the employer had simply asked ONE follow up question, but they didn't (I assume). Which says to me that they weren't that concerned with OP's experience doing corporate returns. I do think the onus is on the employer to make sure when interviewing, if they expect the candidate to have a lot of knowledge in one specific topic, they don't accept “some experience” as an answer without follow up questions. I don't think that's really that unreasonable.

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    @Lindsey_p87 – sounds grueling and I am glad I don't have to interview today if your scenario is what is playing out on a daily basis. And I agree, it is not unreasonable to ask follow up questions. I will stop there though as I disagree with you, respectfully of course, on the big picture. Good luck with your last exam!

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    This has been an interesting read. Curious to see how OP makes out.
    Bit off a bit more than you could chew. Sounds like a humbling experience.
    Maybe they plan to review the work and then teach/train from there?

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    @Lindsey_p87 – I see this type of arguments in politics a lot. Because someone did this, I feel justified in doing that. Because the hiring process makes someone jump through a lot of hoops, it's OK to lie about your qualifications? Again, embellishing should be limited to make something boring to sound way cooler. It's not OK to claim to have some corp experience, when all you did is one s-corp return while having no idea what you were doing. W/ that said, I understand some employers do have quite burdensome hiring process and I've also wondered at times why they make it so. I also understand that I live in a country where I don't have to go through such a process, if I didn't think it would be worth it at the end.

    I am by no means a saint myself, but let's not suggest to people that it's essentially OK to lie during your interviews and it's the employers' fault for not catching your lies.

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    @Jombe-bingo! You hit the nail right on the head with the big picture. Collect $200, pass go!
    Faith in humanity, restored, lol.

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    I'm always “perplexed” by posters like Ham that genuflect to how “the profession that commands honesty, integrity and ethics” when it comes to only it's labor class.

    Almost invariably you never read similar posts from such posters regarding the Big4. At any day you can read myriad separate incidents of rampant fraud on GoingConcern.

    Yes, it's wrong to lie so blatantly as OP clearly has. I think we should just relax a little on the charges of a lack of ethics.

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    I'm going to skip over the squabbling portion of this thread and go back to the original post. What's done is done, and now you're in the middle of fall tax season and floundering. Your ability to handle this situation is going to be as important than your technical knowledge – the latter will be seen as fixable, the former may not.

    Early in your post, you said that they onboarded you and then gave you work and said “ask if you have questions.” Sounds pretty normal, honestly. But what I'm not seeing in your post is what happens when you ask all those questions you have. You have been asking, right? You're not an intern that they can (and should) assume knows nothing; they don't know what you do and don't know. You're responsible for asking for help when you need it.

    This time of year at a regional firm's tax department, pretty much everyone around you probably feels out of their depth and overwhelmed. I'm in tax at a large regional firm myself… a 12 hour day this time of year sounds short to me, and I spend a whole lot of time feeling unsure of what I'm doing (if not completely lost). It's part of the learn on the job model – as soon as you feel comfortable with work of a specific type or complexity, they should move you on to harder work (and then eventually reviewing other people's work, which is a new beast). It requires staff members to be proactive, both in using their own problem solving and critical thinking to figure things out and also in asking for help.

    The goal is overall department efficiency – if someone else can take 5 minutes to explain something and save you 5 hours of flailing around on your own, that's 4 hours and 50 minutes of your time you've freed up for additional productivity. Take notes when you ask questions so you don't have to ask the same ones multiple times, and consider typing/jotting out your questions ahead of time to ensure they're thought out and focused. It's ok to tell a manager or in-charge things like “I'm not totally sure I know how to handle X matter – would you like me to take my best stab at it and then send it to you for review, or keep trying to work through it?”

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    “I'm going to skip over the squabbling portion of this thread” but first, I will acknowledge it….. Only felt the need to point this out, as unlike other people, my shortest day is 14hrs and i'm doing 7days a week from late Aug to Oct 15th, so amuse me for a moment.

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    NYSCPA – Fair. I should have written “I stopped reading every response in this thread, so I may have missed some additional info or be repeating another reply.”

    I'm not trying to trump or dismiss anyone's hours. Everyone I know in tax at large(ish) firms is working long hours this time of year and spends a fair amount of time overwhelmed and out of their depth. I'm not unique in that, and I don't think that part of the OP's experience is abnormal. That's my point – I think those are two aspects of working tax in public accounting (I can't speak for other depts) that just kind of have to be accepted. How effectively those long hours are used and whether a person stays stuck feeling lost at the same level of work or masters it and then moves onto feeling confused about more complex stuff are better indicators of success or failure in my experience.

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