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    Anyone have experience in working in Outsourcing? I am considering an offer for an Outsourcing position.


    Well, other than being part of everything wrong with our current economy, I'm sure it's a great job, and and plenty of job security for yourself as you throw other accountants overboard.

    IBM has a whole cottage industry outsourcing accounting and finance jobs to Bangalore, India. Half of the accountants at my old corporation lost their jobs that way. It was rather insulting losing my job handling millions of dollars to someone who admitted that they didn't know what nickels and dimes were.


    “plenty of job security for yourself as you throw other accountants overboard.”

    Jeez…bitter much?

    Personally, I see it as a good thing for many companies to outsource a lot of the lower skilled data entry positions. If anything it definitely frees up funds for the department to put in elsewhere to more critical positions, better training, resources, and benefits.

    You just have to be careful, as a company, that there's adequate quality control in place. Outsourcing might seem like it saves you money, but it can be a net negative in the end if proper due diligence isn't done on the work performed or the outsourcing firm doing the work.

    @OP, I don't have first hand experience working for an outsourcing company. But many clients, as well as our firm, effectively use outsourcing. There are some expected hiccups here and there, so I would assume much of the work to be performed will be non-complex in nature. So if you're looking to learn valuable skills, it might not be the best fit.

    However, don't let comments, such as the one above, make you think your work is not legitimate just because it's being performed outside the company or even the country.


    I currently work in outsourcing and I wish I started my career here rather than at a Big 4. I think Bobby A might be a little confused about what outsourcing is. It's really “outsourcing” domestically. For example, my clients are mostly not for profit (90% NPF, 10% for profit) organizations that do not have the resources to hire an entire accounting department (AP, AR, Staff, Senior, Manager, Controller, CFO, etc). So they hire a public accounting firm like ours to be their back-office (we also offer Tax, HR, IT, Forensics, Investments, and Audit services) at a fraction of the cost of a complete accounting department. We are a 100% US company so don't let the term “outsourcing” confuse you.

    I never knew that a market like this could exist, because most of my former clients (from Big 4) had tons of resources to sustain a full accounting team. I later realized that this can be a very valuable service since lot of NPF clients are very good at being mission-focused but lack the business expertise to run their organization. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to answer them.

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    @OP, also to edit something I said before….Like CISNC mentioned, outsourcing does not just mean what Bobby was mentioning (low skilled accounting work). But it can encompass almost anything in terms of accounting related tasks.

    This can mean payroll, internal audit, or entire accounting functions.


    @CISNC is right. Politics has made “outsourcing” a dirty word and people jump to conclusions when they hear it. Outsourcing can simply be a mom and pop store outsourcing their accounting work to a large firm so they can focus on other things.

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