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    Hello all! I feel that I have reached an uncomfortable plateau in my career. I have been “stuck” as a Senior Accountant since 2011 and I am not sure how to change the situation. My work history is stable and I am a fairly highly productive contributor, but I have not been recognized as management material.

    Prior to completing the CPA, the consistent rejection reason I received from potential employers was not being a CPA. I always thought this was a BS reason because all the jobs were in industry not public accounting.

    What is the most compelling way to present myself as a person worthy of a chance in managment? I always make sure in interviews to explain my experiences with a Situation, the Action taken by me, and the Results that were achieved. Its so hard to understand what I need to change because hiring seems so subjective. I realize that because its not in an employers best interest to honestly inform candidates why they were not picked due to potential legal action. But often times I wonder what was I supposed to say in a interview. The managers I interview with know I do not have extensive manager experience, yet I am called into interview and then rejected for not having “manager experience” What gives?

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    Ask your current job to be the lead on a project, or if you have experience as lead, be sure to emphasize this. To be a manager you have to be mature, confident, have good communication skills, and demonstrate leadership and good judgment. Jockey for those assignments and then write about them on your resume. You could also look for an assistant Controller or assistant Accounting Manager job and work your way up from there. Don't let your inexperience hinder your interview performance – exhibit the skills they are looking for when you meet with them. Be the person they want you to be. Now may not be the best time to make a change but consider how staying in the same position for this long may look to hiring managers, too, you may need to make move at the right time just to show you can. Good luck!

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