Tax Day Moved to July 15 Due to Coronavirus

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    Tax Day Moved to July 15 Due to Coronavirus

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
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    Looks like NY will follow suit, not sure about the rest of the states.
    Cuomo is placing all non-essential businesses on lock down, with the threat of civil fines, etc.
    It doesn't look like accounting is essential services now that the tax deadlines have been pushed, except for maybe payroll services for the businesses still open.
    We have to see what the final regs say.

    Civil fines and mandatory closures for businesses that don't comply with the new mandate will be enforced beginning on Sunday, Cuomo announced.
    “These provisions will be enforced,” he said. “These are not helpful hints. This is not if you really want to be a great citizen. These are legal provisions. They will be enforced. There will be a civil fine and mandatory closure for any business that is not in compliance. Again, your actions can affect my health. That's where we are.”
    Cuomo, however, said there will be no civil fines on individuals at this time for people who violate the policy. He also announced that he's going to issue a moratorium on evictions, both residential and commercial, for 90 days.

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    Ohhhhh the mixed emotions on this one…

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    Biff TannenBiff Tannen

    Does that mean busy season just got extended for the miserable accountants working in public?

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    For us it ended busy season, and put us in some sort of purgatory of never ending taxes but with no urgency to complete them.

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    So if you can't evict the tenant and they aren't paying, does that mean you can also stop paying your mortgage for 90 days? So much BS going on right now, all because people can't stay calm.

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