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    Hi All,

    I am in the process of starting a small accounting/bookkeeping business as a side gig and was wondering if anyone was willing to share a checklist of documents needed for onboarding both new individual clients as well as new small business clients. Looking to have a checklist that I can send to clients in order to gather the proper info to begin working on their tax prep.


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    Unfortunately I do not have a checklist to share, but I know someone that used to own a tax/bookkeeping business. They said they simply googled “tax prep checklist” and “bookkeeping checklist”. Apparently many firms will post their checklist for their clients (or potential clients) to easily download from their website. Maybe you can find a few and use them as a guide.

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    Wrong place, man. We're CPA students, not tax accountants.

    Usually, the best place to start is check your local/state laws, see what they legally require you to keep on file for your business.

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    Some of us are tax accountants.
    So the advice about stealing one from another firms website is a great idea.
    I usually ask for the prior year tax return as a place to start.
    Once I see what they have last year, it helps me guide them on what I will need this year.
    My tax organizer mailer that I send out also has a series of questions to help trigger their memory.
    Good place to start (in NY anyway) is prior year fed and state returns, bank info if you want direct deposit or direct debit, front and back of driver's license, and any of the envelopes you received in January that say IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT.

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    If your state has a CPA society with an online forum, like NYS, try there. A fine gentleman by the name of Ed Mendlowitz prepares one every year. I have a copy of his that I can email to you.

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