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    hi pal :)

    I'm starting at a top 10 firm in a week and was wondering when traditional busy season really is? I think audit is like Jan 1-March 31 and tax is like Feb- April 15 and then also before Oct 15 for late filers?

    Do all firms have some sort of blackout date for taking PTO during busy season?

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    Taking PTO during busy season? LMAO! All jokes aside, it’s usually frowned upon, unless you have a very valid excuse. Like a death in the family or a wedding.

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    What are the working hours at big 4 audit during these busy seasons? Interim and year end both

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    BIG 4 working hours at least for sec filing clients in interim and ye usually tends to be somewhere between 60-80 hours a week depending on the client. Worst case scenario is after the feb sec filing client you roll onto a private client that has a 3/31 deadline, a 6/30 not for profit deadline, and then a 9/30 client deadline.


    Small tax firm here. Work is usually heavy Feb 1st until April 15th, and then mid to late August we pick up for the Sept/oct extended filing deadline.
    Best not to ask about taking time off during busy season. Not a good look.

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