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    i work at a big 4 and had a question about busy season. i am about an hour and 40 minute commute to my client (one way). I know hours in busy season are going to be tough but I have heard that big 4's will pay for you to stay at a hotel during busy season? is this correct?

    Biff Tannen

    Totally depends on the budget, which is out of your control. If you get stuck on a client with a low balled budget, then don’t expect paid hotels, paid dinners, etc. but if this client is a cash cow for the firm, then maybe you can negotiate a hotel option

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    Can you just ask the in-charge?

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    Earla Riopel

    Many years ago, I used to work as a T1 (Canadian Tax) and a back-up T1 tax preparer at one of the Big 4s. I noticed if we had to work late, we ordered food, but no related hotel accommodation since we live around nearby cities (maximum 1hr drive). We usually add our OT dinner to the most tedious T1 preparation work; thus, the extra $5-$10 dinner cost is hardly noticeable to the clients' final bill.

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    That is right on the border of a local and out-of-town client. (arguably out-of-town, since I don't imagine there's much traffic assuming you leave late) How are you currently getting to/from the client? If the cost of a hotel is less than the cost of mileage, it shouldn't be a problem. I have approval to book a hotel at my own discretion, but I don't know about Audit, where the budgets are lower. I would ask your M/SM.

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