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    Hi all. I accepted an offer from one of the big4 and will start as a audit assistant in June. I am currently working as a senior accountant at a small firm (20 people in accounting). My company is really promising. They are planning to go IPO within a year. I was offered to get promoted to a Financial Reporting Manager when I put in my notice. I will get a pay cut of $30k when moving to big4.My goal in the future is to become a controller in a private company. Can you please give me advise on what I should choose? I graduated in 2015, and passed 3 parts of the CPA exams. Currently working on BEC.


    I don't know man. Big 4 experience does look great on the resume but a 30k pay cut!? Are you willing to take that?

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    Yes, I am not sure about that either. What about the exit after big 4? Can I become a manager or just a senior after 3-4 years a big 4 and moving back to private?


    The fact that they offered you a financial reporting manager position when you put in the notice seems like an empty promise to me. The employer will say whatever to keep you. If they were serious about giving you that position, then get it in writing so you really have it. Big 4 experience is nice, but just know that you'll work some really long hours and your schedule might vary depending on which audit client you get put on. Seeing how you say “audit assistant”, you're going to Deloitte?

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