CMA Materials (Hock Or Gleim)?

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    I am planning to study for the CMA. I am selecting the study materials for it. I have narrowed down my selection between Hock or Gleim. I didn't pick Wiley because it is too expensive at $1,795 and I didn't like their CPA materials. Wiley CPA materials were too wordy for me. I used the Becker to pass the CPA exam. I prefer something with live lecture like the Becker since i am a visual learner. I believe i would need some lecture help on the cost accounting. I see a lot of reviews about Gleim CMA on here. Have anyone used Hock for the CMA exam before??

    Thank in advance for any tips!


    I used Gleim CMA last year and it worked just fine.

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    I passed the CPA exams using Ninja but always heard good things about Gleim CMA and their materials. Hock offers lower prices and apparently good quality in terms of materials. Has anyone used Hock for the CMA exam?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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