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    I am planning to enroll into Pace University's MS in Accounting program. I wanted inquire if it's a good school in terms of employment in big firms preferably (Big 4). Does it have a good internship program or anything? Or maybe if someone has any experience with the school. In short, I am trying to ask if I should go there or if I should consider about other schools such as Northeastern University because they boasts an employment rate of 99 % @ graduation.

    I want to work within NYC so I am just trying to decide if I should wait for another year (and improve my GMAT) or if I should start my MS at Pace and get done and dusty with everything because my end goal is to get my first gig with a top firm and then finish exec MBA later in life.

    Thanks a lot for helping me out in advance!!!


    If you want to work in Big4, then I do not think there would be any harm in asking your question to a recruiter directly. It would also be a good way to get on their radar.

    Someone on here may be familiar with the University you inquired about, but I am on the west coast and have never heard of it.

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    I have never been to Pace but I'm familiar with them as I live in NY and work in lower Manhattan. Yes they are heavily recruited by the Big 4 and other top firms, but as with every school you generally have to stand on your own legs in order to get what you want. Baruch College (CUNY) has the most accounting graduates in NYC firms (including big 4) but you're no shoo-in into a topfirm because the school has so many students who are competing heavily for limited spots.

    I don't know if redoing the GMAT would make any sense, unless you plan to get into NYU, Columbia etc.

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