CPA and then Masters in Finance/Management? Is it worth it?

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    Hey Guys, I am a fresh graduate, I have no experience, and I want to finish studying once for all, I am currently preparing for CPA, but was thinking to do Masters in the next year but, is it worth it after a CPA? I have no experience, have done a couple of internships! Any advice, is going to be appreciated! 🙂


    Depends. What career path are you currently taking? In other words, where do you want your first “real” job to be?


    CPA first, then MBA second if you don't want to remain in accounting. My sequence is different since I dropped Intermediate Accounting over 20 years ago, and thus switched my major from Accounting to Finance. I was ROTC and knew I was going in the Army after graduation, so the Accounting degree wasn't really important. I got my MBA while I was in the Army, but I got out after ten years. I got my CMA to quickly add a certification, but the CMA is nothing compared to a CPA.

    I now have almost 9 years in CPG finance (consumer packaged goods), but I want the CPA to validate my experience. My problem is that 8 of my 9 years are in sales finance, and I am having trouble finding roles in other areas. I want to finish my corporate career in 10-15 years, then work part time during busy season from 55+.


    Do you have a full time job offer? If you do, you should definitely get 1 or 2 years of work experience before master in finance/management. Dont waste money on another year of school unless you know you need it.


    I dunt have any full time job offer, I wanted to top off CPA with Ms in Finance/International Business Management. But in double thoughts as to do a MBA or a Msc, because MBA needs work experience and I am a fresh graduate


    CPA and then Masters in Finance, there's nothing wrong in doing that. Doing both will help in getting a better carrier for you. Since you have no experience it's better to do the Masters.

    All the Best
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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