Is a CPA/MBA/CFA over kill?

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    I'm just about done with the CPA and im considering doing the CFA/MBA together. Is this over doing it? Im committed and understand the challenge but im willing to take it on.


    Sooooo no?

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    lol is there a point of bumping this post within one hour of posting your question?

    To answer your question, what is your goal in life anyway? Getting all the credentials don't matter unless you are in the right career field.


    I'm a CPA/MBA (MBA thesis presentation is tomorrow) and don't consider it overkill. CPA = good accounting knowledge MBA = good business and managerial knowledge. I might start CMA during the summer, as I will be bored without some kind of studying. Nonetheless my CPA firm wont approve of it (I took last week off to finish the dissertation)


    Provided I pass the CPA I will be CPA, CMA and MBA. It really depends on what you do. I am currently the CFO of a smaller private investment firm. I'm looking to make the jump to a bigger and perhaps public company so I need the CPA only to be competitive, but don't really feel like it will make a huge difference to my ability to do my job. Yet its the first thing potential employers ask about. People DO recognize the CMA and the MBA so I have no regrets getting that done. My only regret is not taking the CPA sooner.

    An MBA is always a good thing to have. Any other intials you want past CPA should be applicable to what you do. A CFA would be pretty meaningless to me but may be great for you


    In today's horrible job market, you are required to leap tall ledgers in a single bound, go faster than a cash disbursement. And yes, you need to be more powerful than a depreciation deduction.

    MBA, CPA, CFA, PhD and add in PMP, HitPro and a few other certifications and degrees.


    IMO, if your employer pays for some/most of the cost then I would definitely do it. If your shelling out the money on your own, I do not think the payback is there for it. Is having a MBA with a CPA going to increase your earnings to cover the tuition costs? The demand for CPA is much greater than the demand for MBA's, and I believe that if a CPA and an MBA were both interviewing for an open position the CPA would get it.


    I think if you're going to a decent MBA (top 25 or so) or if the program is well recruited, the CFA is probably overkill to do together. However, if you work in security analysis, asset management, business valuation, portfolio mgt, etc then it can only help your career in the future.

    If your goals include corp finance, a decent MBA and your CPA is probably enough to get your foot in the door as a financial analyst working with the P&L or some other aspect of a company.

    That's a generic overview though. What's your background, MBA schools you're interested in, and career goals? Knowing that would help get you a better answer.

    In the end, all these certifications are just tools that help you stand out a bit. Don't forget, experience and networking trumps most certifications by themselves.


    I heard MBA+PMP is the best combination. CPA and CFA together compete with each other, they don't really build on each other's expertise, but the PMP complements the MBA great. Do MBA and PMP to make you an awesome manager. Do either the CPA or CFA. None are in each other's realm, but both enhance your technical skills.


    Depends on what your goals are. If you're looking into valuation, CPA & CFA will complement each other. If you're looking into finance, MBA from a good business school is looked at more favorably than CFA. That said, CFA will definitely not hurt your prospects of going into finance (and will sometimes be looked upon more favorably than a low tier business school's MBA). Charters, licenses, and certificates don't guarantee a foot in the door and can be close to meaningless if that knowledge can't be applied in the real world. Good luck on your journey, it won't be quick or easy if you decide to pursue both.

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    is the PMP the professional designation for pimps? If so definitely feels like CPA and PMP is the best combination.

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    You do whatever floats your boat. At t his point, any certification or additional education I get are for my personal enrichment. I specifically will not be doing an MBA or a CMA. I'll probably get a SPHR certification next but that's just me since I also get involved with a lot of HR related functions at work. Maybe a finance cert as well. Definitely a lot cheaper than that MBA.

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    I am pursuing an MBA and CPA together. It makes sense for me as I was not an accounting major in undergrad, so I have the opportunity to take a number of accounting classes during the MBA. In addition, I am seeing many senior level (Controller/CFO) positions that require one or the other. Since the next two years of my life will be dedicated to the MBA, I might as well get the CPA license during this period of focused study.

    I would recommend that you strongly think about getting an MBA from the top school, otherwise the ROI for a CPA is much, much higher. I do think that an MBA/CPA combo totally worth it. If you looking for a career trajectory that involves leadership roles, the the degree and license will definitely give you an edge over other candidates.

    I know that everyone has different motivations, however for those can achieve the MBA/CPA combination, they are going to be very well served in the future.

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    Yes, its overkill for many but if you love to challenge yourself then go for it! You dont need any confirmation and validation from anyone. DO WHATS best for you.

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    I wonder is OP actually did that…considering this post is 8 yrs old.

    To anyone who is still wondering or cares, I would say…go for it if you have nothing really better to do with your life than punishing yourself by going for all three.

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    Depends on what you do. If you want to run your own firm, no not overkill. If you want to become a partner I think those are just meeting the basic reqs. If you want to work in industry middle management, yea, overkill.

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