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    I am wondering how much value a Master of Taxation would add after already having a CPA. Specifically being able to obtain employment with a top 50 CPA firm in Tax or the tax department of a major corporation, will the Masters of Taxation from a nationally recognized program be worth it? Will a CPA without a Masters and a CPA with a Masters in Tax start out at the same pay level in a CPA firm or does the Masters in Tax add additional value in tax practice?

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    That depends on how much tax experience you already have.

    If you've been working in tax for some time and you just want a degree for the wall I would advise against the Mtax. However, if you passed the exam and are going to be working in tax but do not have much experience in it…then it could prove useful.

    My concern is that the value would be based more on helping you do your job better rather than actually advancing your career.

    Overall, an MBA from a GOOD school is usually more valuable.

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    CPA. IMO MTax's and MAacc's dont add value at all. But If your company is footing the tuition bills got for it!

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    The one thing that I can think of that could validate this decision is if you'd like to be an adjunct professor of accounting/taxation for a University down the road. All universities and most community colleges require a masters to be an adjunct professor. Otherwise, the masters is primarily for you to get the 150 credit hour requirement.

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    This is laughable at the above responses..the majority of people that are CPAs and those that are not CPAs but work in Tax are pretty clueless on complicated transactions..they simply make up there own methods that arent correct..but nobody really cares cause the client dont understand anything and the IRS audit rate is pretty low.

    IF you want a career in tax go to a MST program or LLM..large firms and f500 recruit directly out of them for a reason..they dive deep into the tax code where you aren't going to learn elsewhere..

    If you want to work in tax its worth it..CPA is more audit and accounting then high level tax..Ive worked at various places and only one of the 4 knew what they were doing on a high level.

    I may do one myself if I cant break into a bigger firm.

    I dont think it will add more money to your pocket in the short term..but in the long term it will validate your tax knowledge.

    What city are you in?

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