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    Hello everyone, hope you guys can help me with this confusion. Haven't worked in accounting industry for 12 years and want to go back into it, most likely into tax. Passing CPA exams is challenging and it can be long process if I have to re-take certain sections. I'm seriously considering doing Master in taxation but can't decide if I should do online (either full time or part time) or in campus full time. If I do in campus full time I have to take whole year off from work which is not really suitable for me. My biggest concern is missing out on internship opportunity. Since most full time MACC or taxation program is one year, do employers expect you have to some type of internship experience while you attend the program? Andy advice, suggestions would be appreciated.


    Firms hire students all the time with no internship experience.

    Is it possible to work and go to school same time? Most grad program are flexible and allow for night/afternoon courses.

    Honestly if your end goal is to get a job, go with the campus. I wouldn't even think twice about it cuz you actually get to meet recruiters face to face unlike going to a online only program.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes my end goal is to get a job but really can't commit to full time program due to family issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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