Stetson or Rutgers? Or underwater basketweaving?

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    Let me start by saying school doesn't excite me. I went to college for the social interactions and to get a decent job. That said, my lazy butt has finally kind of decided to be a CPA. I need 3 upper level accounting courses and 18 credit hours (6 classes) in anything I want. Since I work in government and plan to be here for the next 25 years (YASSS PENSION) I have looked into Rutgers University- Macc in Governmental accounting. But I have only found one person who applied and she didn't end up enrolling because she said it was really unorganized. Has anyone had any experience with them?

    Other contender is Stetson. Good program, reputable school, AACSB accredited. All online, but the 5 week courses scare me. Has anyone taken or is currently in the program that can provide some insight? How hard are the classes? What kind of coursework is expected to be done in 5 weeks? 5 weeks?!? Any exams?

    ORRRR just take under water basket-weaving at my local college and take the 3 accounting courses I need at Florida Atlantic Univ? Does the Macc matter? I already have a job that I plan on staying in, and in a year I will be eligible for the CGFO designation which will def up my street cred.



    under water basket-weaving! under water basket-weaving! under water basket-weaving!

    AUD - 90
    BEC - 78
    FAR - 84
    REG - 87
    World Domination Plan

    Phase I : Pass CPA Exams - Complete
    Phase II : Megan Fox - In Progress
    Phase III : Megan Fox & Scarlett Johansson Lingerie Pillow Fight
    Phase IV : Form the new Charlie's Angels with Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, & Gal Gadot
    Phase V : TBD


    Taking Spanish at the community college (while being a fluent spanish speaker) is sounding REALLY good. MUY BUENO. DELICIOSO. especially if my boss signs off on the tuition reimbursement 🙂

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