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    So I'm in a bit of dilemma. I recently graduated with a MBA with a concentration in Accounting as I was doing a career change. I work in tax right now for a top 10 accounting firm in one of their tax groups. Now I'm sort of a geek and school + work doesn't bother me as I was working 50-60 hours per week and taking anywhere from 4-5 classes per semester without much of a problem for 2+ years. The graduate school had a very competitive accounting program so it was overwhelming at times but I was able to come out of it inspired.

    Now I am studying for the CPA exam right now and should be done by July if things go well, but I'm not really that worried as I don't find the material that bad looking over it a 2nd time after learning it. So my dilemma is whether the online Masters in Tax program at Villanova is worthwhile? I know that online diplomas arent' respected as much as in-person degrees but I don't want to waste time attending classes in person again. Also, Villanova is a top-notch university and was hoping that it would be looked at differently. The university that I received my MBA in has an exceptional MST program but that time wasted to commute and then sitting through the lectures on their time is something that I rather not do. Plus my firm would reimburse me the full amount of tuition if I receive a B so that wouldn't be much of an issue.

    Thanks for any and all imputes.


    I am looking to that program too. Looking forward to hear comments from others.


    I completed Villanova's tax program on campus in 2013 – just before they introduced the online program. While I don't have experience with their online program, I can tell you that the on campus program was challenging and I learned at lot.

    It is taught at their law school and is basically the same program as their LLM in taxation. Most of the classes are comprised of both law students and students going for their MT. You will read a lot of case law.

    You expressed concern that future employers will not consider an online MT degree from Villanova as good as an on campus one. While this could be true I doubt that future employers would realize that you attended an online program unless you told them. I'm pretty sure that your degree will be the sand if you get take the classes online or on campus.


    Can anyone tell me the full tuition for the online program?


    From what I remember, it's not cheap – possibly more than 30K. It does not matter if it's online or on campus. Being affiliated with the program will hold it's own weight and Nova is known to hold deep roots in the Philly area accounting firms..especially the big 4, GT, RSM, etc.

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