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    Hi there!

    Has anyone recently passed the ABV exam? If so, any tips for studying? Did you use the AICPA review course (in-person or online)? Is the in person course just a broadcast of a webinar? Does the self study include video? Any suggestions, tips, or tricks are much appreciated!

    P.S. to those still studying for the CPA exam. Don't give up! 3 years and many tears later I passed it, and I'm going after my next certification! You can do it!!!


    Bueller? Bueller?


    Do you work in a val practice at an accounting or specialist valuations firm? I've never taken the ABV, so I can't comment on the exam, but I work in Corporate Finance, so I know and work with a lot of people in the Valuation practice at my firm. In my experience, ASA and CFA are the only widely-respected certifications in this field, and most people don't really consider the ABV worth much. (the CPA itself is, of course, respected) I guess it's kind of the opposite of CFF vs CFE in Forensics.

    Obviously, if you're looking to transition into valuation, it's a bit different and ABV could be a relatively quick qualification which could help you.

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    Yes, I've worked in a valuation practice for a few years now. I've heard varying opinions on the weight behind the ABV since the recent change to allow non-CPA's to apply for the credential. The CFF is something I've also considered.

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