How long does it take to finish all CIA exams?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am an IT Auditor in Internal Audit department of an Insurance company. I passed CISA exam, and 3 exams of CPA (BEC, AUD, FAR) and now studying for REG to put an end to my CPA journey.

    After I finish CPA exams, I would like to take CIA exams. I have educational background in both accounting, and IT. In this case, can I pass all the exams (previously 4 exams, but from 2013, 3 exams) within 4~5 months? I am planning to study with Gleim as my company will provide the Gleim study materials.

    Thank you for the answers in advance.


    I passed all 4 parts in 8 months, but it took me a total of 9 attempts to pass all 4. Since is it going to 3 parts I think you could do it in that time frame.


    Just curious why you would take the CIA after you pass the CPA. I took an internal audit job in May. At the time I asked my Manager & Director if they preferred I got the CPA or the CIA first. They told me to get the CPA and once I did that, they would know that I could pass the CIA if I needed too. They didn't think it was necessary for me to have both.


    I am also thinking about taking CIA, even though I am already a licensed CPA….d just want to apply a internal auditor position in my company and think it will be helpful to have a CIA….

    .I am doing budgeting right now, not public accounting, thinking to change my career path to internal audit.


    A CIA is recognized globally whereas a CPA is not. So if you have your CPA but plan to work for a global organization, you would want to get your CIA as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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