Which Enrolled Agent Review course to buy?

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    I am about to sit for the REG section of the CPA. After REG I am going to take the Enrolled Agent exam so that I can be a Power of Attorney (POA) for my job and represent taxpayers before the IRS. I need POA status fast so I can't wait to get my year's experience required for the CPA. The EA has no experience requirement.

    Does anyone have advice on which Enrolled Agent Review course to buy?

    I know that the my local EA chapters use Gleim. Many people score highly using Gleim CPA and say their questions are very difficult but over prepare candidates for the real exam. I am looking not only to pass the EA exam, but to do it very fast so that I can get back to completing my CPA exams before my 18 month windows start to expire, so I am a little concerned about how long Gleim would take me to pass. It might be overkill and I don't have time for that. Here on Another71 I have read of people claiming to pass all 3 exam in 3-4 weeks and that would be ideal for me.

    I have heard of the Passkey Review course that people buy on Amazon. Others I know have used Fast Forward Academy.

    Any opinions on what review course to use given my situation would be greatly appreciated.

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