1/11 score release… another disappointment

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    Well, got the score release for BEC (2nd time taking it) and failed. I was in absolute shock because I saw the “7” in my score and felt excitement until it was followed by a 3.

    Taking the exam I felt pretty good except on the second section of MCQ's. I can't believe I even got through the crazy SIMS that were on there.

    I'm still in shock in the fact I got a 73. My first time I got 59 and I studied a good amount the second time so I could pass. Everyone says BEC is the easiest so it makes me feel more like a failure for not passing.

    Anyways, not much to say except I just have to keep studying. Any recommendations are always helpful. Really just come on here to see how other people passed and maybe they were like me. I think that's what keeps me going the most is to know if other people can do it and fail over and over then pass I can to. Did it get easier? Did you feel like you retained information? Any advice or just how you did is helpful.


    That's a heartbreaker, sorry you didn't pass this time around, but you are close! I know the feeling, I've scored a 73 on AUD, then on my retake I scored a 74, and that's ignoring the other three miserable attempts. On the plus side, look at the improvement between your first take and your second take! None of these exams are easy by any means, and BEC definitely has its topics that can be a nightmare for people. You are not a failure, especially since you are wanting to get at it again. Just to reiterate, your score went from a 59 to a 73, that's a win in my book.

    While you did score a 73 this time, don't get in the mindset of “oh I'm just 2 points away,” because you're not, you are 75 points away from passing on your retake. When preparing for a retake, I typically do MCQs and simulations for each topic, giving my weaker sections more attention. I would also review my own notes, Wiley focus notes, and the Ninja Notes. Just come back at it harder, and you'll get it next time!

    I hope you find this to be an encouragement: When I scored a 74 on AUD, I decided to retake it a week later, thank you continuous testing. I hit the MCQs and SIMs hard, especially on my weaker areas and reviewed my notes. I also gave the AICPA sample test another review too, especially those simulations. Was able to bounce back and score an 84. If I can do it, you can definitely do it too!

    AUD - 84
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 76
    REG - 79
    What a journey! It took me 12 attempts, do not give up, keep going! Praise God!

    Passed Exams: 8/25/2020

    Licensed in Pa: 11/24/2020


    For me, I was a failure when I studied with just the Wiley materials (no recorded lectures). I made the mistake of thinking that books were the best thing, but it was really difficult getting through the chapters. The review I am currently using, UWorld Roger, is much better, as the lectures are upbeat and Roger has a good sense of humor. I always tell myself that the testing is one thing, and my career is another. I just want to get through the tests and use my energy towards practice.


    Mom of Two, studying for the CPA Exam


    Thanks @CH89 – thank you! You're response is really helpful. It's good to know other people went through the same. Going to give it another shot once I can sign up again! And definitely study extra hard because don't want a repeat of last time at all. I mostly was going to focus on the questions I struggled on/SIMS like you mentioned. I found that the lectures for BEC weren't as necessary for me so fingers crossed that's enough.

    @Ellabella – I agree definitely helps when you can at least laugh a little bit during the lectures!

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