Dreaming About The Exam

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    Anyone else have dreams about the CPA Exam? They usually go like this. Taking my exam and its going well then for some external reason I have to stop taking the exam such as computer crashing or boss yelling to come back to work instead of taking this exam. Then for some reason I can take it again later and I'm running around trying to look for a computer before the exam time runs out (cause the clock was still ticking ). LOL

    I also have dreams where I am waiting for my exam score and I see a pass but it's so blurry I can barely see it. Or its an estimate score they give before the real score comes out. LOL

    What are your CPA horror dreams like?

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    Pork Flavored Bacon

    I have those types of dreams even after passing all the exams. Notice I wrote “have” which means I still have them today and I passed the exams years ago.
    Like you , it would be something like I'm taking the exam and then something happens or I'm transported somewhere else to finish a pre-requisite to sit for the exam. Some wild crap that feels so real and then I wake up still feeling a little weird.
    I swear these exams took something from me I am not sure I can ever get back.

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    I have nightmares once a week about this exam. Its usually about failing or having my pass exam with an error and I have to retake the exam in less than a week or I lose all my passing scores. Oddly enough I have yet to pass one in real life

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