Is the Eyeball trick always accurate?

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    My eyeball trick changed from attended to no credit. Is this always correct? Or is it possible when scores are released tonight I can see a passing score? 4th time taking Aud and I was so confident walking out compared to prior times. I even began studying for Reg next since I had a month between taking my exam and getting my score. If i failed AUD again should I continue studying Reg and take a break from Aud or go back to aud and retake it asap?


    Hi @Samantha
    Sorry to hear about that, but I believe the eyeball trick is mostly always accurate. Regarding if you should keep studying for REG or not, I guess my answers would be, it depends. If you almost ready for REG, then just finish it, take the exam and come back for AUD. But if you aren't ready for REG or it's going to take you couple of weeks, it's better just to take AUD. Although, a lot people might advise you to take a break from AUD, since you most be sicked of it.Don't try to rush and be prepared and confident when you are ready to take the test. Good luck! and believe in yourself!


    It's pretty accurate. Basically, the eyeball trick gives you backdoor access to the Nasba scores. They will appear on the front end when they officially release the scores this evening and you get an actual score number. The No Credit means score below 75. As you can see, I'm used to seeing it.

    I know what you're going through with Audit.

    REG - 60,73, Retake 02/2021
    FAR - 73,74,78
    BEC - 02/2021

    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

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